Future Events Nerona Imu or BlackBeard D. Teach for the FV?

Who will be the Final Villain?

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Two reasons make me choose imu
1_In Red, Oda tested fans whether they would like the villain to be a young girl
2_Imu is an enemy of the D family for 800 years and is related to Joyboy's flashback
bb is Luffy's last enemy for the pirate king and is parallel to Rocks and Wb...And note that becoming king is not Luffy's ultimate goal
So you are basically saying that anyone who thinks BB is the final villain... doesnt have a brain?

They are wavering their right to use their brains
Blackbeard fans waited 20 years for their boy to go down before the damn admirals :josad:
I almost feel bad for them, up until Reverie, Teach was head and shoulders the best candidate to be FV. Now he’s nearly irrelevant to the story
Ironic but I genuinely feel less sure of Im being the final antagonist the more we see from him, like this entirely feels like a setup for someone or something bigger?

I say this with absolutely no influence of Teach wank on my post, in fact i already posted my EoS antagonists prediction at the beginning of Wano.
The WG is already in trouble, as the odds against them are stacking up.
  • An entirely new organisation (Revolutionary armies) forming to explicitly fight the WG and taking a big W by invading Marijoa, wreaking havoc, destroying their chain of supplies, declaring war and igniting a world wide rebellion
  • Joyboy returning
  • The power balance disrupted by two Yonko falling
  • One of the Gorosei likely taking an L on Egghead
  • Morgans likely revealing the truth of the WG to the entire world
Imu was visibly distressed and butthurt before most of these things happened, including being butthurt about Teach and grouping him together with Luffy (Joyboy), Vivi (Lili's descendant) and Shirahoshi (ancient weapon).

Imu as of now is just a king who was lucky to get the immortality operation 800 years ago unlike the other 19 dudes of the same rank and now having access to Vegapunk's tool, with the Gorosei sucking him off because he was one of the founders of their organisation, like literally calling him "creator of the world" based on him being one of the 20 dudes who established the government, not due to him actually being a mighty creator.

It's high time Marshall D. Teach Blackbeard puts that boy to rest.



Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
His current scheme is….

Stealing Vegapunk, who has already made an island buster for the WG.

Trying to be legitimized… Which would make him Imu’s subordinate.

Not a very glamorous future.
Let's see his schemes

1) become a subordinate under WB crew for decades - not even commander but just a member

Achieved - got hands over yami yami

2) to become a mere warlord

Achieved - used that status to infiltrate ID and gain a crew and then entered to MF to get Gura

3) now he is planning to negotiate with WG

This time again he will achieve more than what meets the eye.

He is gradually moving forward to achieve what xebec desired - king of the world