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Bogy-san ( @Bogard) can you do something about the nsfw Pfp's? (defining them as excessively nude or just straight up rule34 material) ofc @AL sama and the mods can do just so much.. i think its better if you give some control to the masses to decide what standard of nudity is just too much?
NSFW contents aren't allowed at all to begin with so if you see any then just report them cause we can't keep track of everything
Other people choosing your avatar???? Lmao sounds like a terrible idea
what part of what i said suggests that?..i just said the option would just allow the user block pfp for them individually.. not changing the pfp of the person in question'll just turn the pfp that seems to unsettle them into the default state (solid color with first letter)

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that's up to bogard
Please bring it up to him if you may..its kind awkward and kinda seem whiny when you report it yourself at times.. so this should be convenient
Hello everyone,

I decided to call you out today because i integrated a new feature, called "Threadmark". The feature itself was requested in this thread:

And because many of us suggested to me both in public or private messages that it could be useful, i decided to accept the request and implement it, and this implementation by the way wouldn't have been possible without your support

How the feature works

Well it's pretty simple. At the bottom of each post, you'd now be able to see an additional possibility allowing you to add a threadmark, which basically marks a post in a thread for you, and obviously you can name it

And when it's done, you'd see the note appearing at the top of the post in question

This allows you to come back to the post, regardless of the amount of pages you're in by following this step

Anyway hoping you'd enjoy this new feature

--Your Worstgen Staff :optimistic:
Damn… nice work to all parties involved 🙌🏼