Future Events New M3 or Just Sun & Moon?

Which one do you prefer Post Wano?

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New/Real Monster Trio

Zoro , Luffy , Yamato ( Rey , Roger , Oden )
  • has Conquerors Haki
  • has advanced conq haki
  • had 1v1 with kaido
  • were at the rooftop

Sun & moon / Captain & Right-Hand

Zoro & Luffy ( Ben & Shanks, Reylegh & Roger)

the mc getting so many weird fucking parrerls with the 2nd MC, i wonder why :kobeha:

Sanji is a not thing and never was, Not even EOS sanji can surpass rooftop zoro, rooftop luffy, rooftop yamato.

So vote the poll which one do you prefer?

Partners , Only 2 Advcoc Conqueres from new Gen


the Monster Trio

Bringing stupid shit up as wings... No one cares once Yamato joins. Oh wait... It it just means to best pals Luffy can rely on. Fuck the rest of the crew

Robin doesn't know that Jinbe also is at least Sanji level after his super impressive fight against a F6
Bro chill. "Wings" is just an expression that means "reliable person and it has no meaning beyond that