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Damn I can't quote @Jailer 's post but yeah I really concur with what you both said. The karmic element of the Dragonballs being abused and turning evil was a fantastic concept that I really loved too. That was the best part of GT for me. It also kinda felt like OG Dragonball in vibes with Kid Goku, Pilaf and his gang and Pan being the MC with Goku. It was really nice imo.

I thought Omega Shenron was pretty dope and I loved the SS4 transformations and their designs and thus Gogeta and what they could do! Extreme hype to the max!

It also had a lot of BS and cringe too ofc. But I remember the ending of GT genuinely made me cry, I was so upset about Goku dying and going away on the dragon or w/e, it was said he would die permanently or was it he just went away, he had to leave and was unable to return? I can't remember but it really upset me, it was a really shocking and bittersweet ending lol.
Having that flash forward of 100 years in the future with Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr and old lady Pan was WILD!