Who will be the Next Strawhat?

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1. Please share these hints, cause there legit doesn’t seem to be any.

Just for you Sir Yasheen:

Hints towards Lucci as the next crew member:

So, first we have Oda’s interview in Saudi Arabia stating the following (I’m quoting Reborn now): “

“Question was asked on will we get new nakama?
Oda Said - Everyone who helped luffy are his nakamas but next arc will be important.(Egghead)”

If I am getting this right, Oda implicitly states that we might get a new crew member on Egghead - Why else should it be important?

This shrinks the circle of possible candidates to Bonney, Vegapunk and his Satellites, Kaku, Stussy and Lucci.

I am assuming that Oda is going to highlight the interactions the whole crew and Luffy have with the new crew member candidate. If we go by that it only leaves Kaku, Lucci, Stussy, Bonney and Vegapunk the Stellar, maybe even Shaka and Lilith.

Then let’s go to the first few hints – I have mostly copied some stuff I already wrote from here and there, then added some stuff that I could come up with:

Some people here and there on the internet have made a numerical/mathematical approach of predicting the last Straw hat member, seeing as Oda likes to work with those things in his manga as well (Source: https://www.crunchyroll.com/de/anim...-used-math-to-guess-the-next-straw-hat-pirate ). Up until now every Devil fruit-user on the Sunny has eaten a fruit that corresponded/sounds with/like two Japanese numbers from 1-10 (You are not able to do that with most other DF-names of other users – I have tried it. And the possibility of all DF-user of the Straw hats being able to do that with their DF-name is just too low to be a coincidence.):

Luffi: Gomu – 5 and 6

Robin: Hana – 8 and 7

Chopper: Hito – 1 and 10

Brook: Yomu – 4 and 3

That leaves 2 and 9.

With his Neko neko no mi Lucci comes very close to ni = 2 and Ko = 9. The difference is the `e´ in the `ne´ in “neko” in contrast to `ni´ in the number 2. However, what many people do not know is that the `ni´ sound of the number 2 is pronounced `ne´ in Japanese. That means the actual pronunciation of 2 and 9 together is `ne-ko´. So, there we go with the numerical approach – fits like a glove… .

And now we are getting to the yearly festa-letter from Oda from December 2022, which revealed that that person and that person are fighting. It was worded as if the fight would be a big surprise for us. If it’s a surprise, then we are not thinking of a clash between those persons in the least. And in my opinion, this could be a fight between two individuals who are on the same side, as of yet. In the letter Oda mentioned that this fight will have a backstory. So, going by how the volume of a backstory would be a little much for a side-plot of One Piece, I am betting the fight will happen in the main story line. And seeing as I can interpret some fissures are present within the WGs parties involved, my bet is, we will have at least one defector here – and it could be Lucci, because I doubt his priorities are still with the WG. Why I think that is because he is acting unlike we saw him act in Water 7 and Enies Lobby. Back then we could see him priorizing their mission and following their plans to the t. We saw him as the dutyfull CP9 agents always following the WG’s orders – or as you put it: Their dog. Now, with the start of the Egghead Arc, however, we see his priorities somehow shifting (starting a fight with Luffy, questioning their orders right there in the first few panels before they even arrive on Egghead, destroying the Lab, even if they had explicit orders not to). Sure is – he is seemingly still trying to kill Vegapunk as it is his order, but with his actions he is endangering their mission and the underlying factor as to why he does it remains a mystery. Is it his connection with Shaka? We definitely would need a larger explanation for that.

Because, in case you haven’t noticed and have not yet read some of my posts - Shaka and Lucci are depicted by Oda as twin-like counterparts (Both have the same posture [shoving constantly their hands into their pockets], gesticulation, eloquent language and both are very good strategists. Additionally, both have the same strong feeling towards their duty and are ready to make human sacrifices if necessary – read the last chapters if you want and you will find their similarities quite fast – or you can tell me if you need to see proof.) Theoretically you could cut out Lucci’s head and put it on Shaka’s body in any scene and it still would fit perfectly.

(Also, Shaka still has not taken off that helmet of his and we still don’t know what is under it, yet. Alone that indicates that the face underneath must have features similar to the ones of someone we know from the past, who we are able to recognize. It would fit very well, if it were someone currently on the island and we do see that Shaka behaves/thinks similar/almost identical to Lucci. I definitely can read a certain connection here.)

This mirroring is also reflected within their names: The name `Shaka` refers to Buddha Shaka Nyorai, who, in Japanese religion, is the personification of the `Good´. And since Shaka and Lucci are twins and need to reflect each other, Lucci’s name needs to refer to a god-like entity of a religious kind as well. And yes – it does perfectly: As a short form for `Lucifer´. That means while Shaka is the personification of `Good´, Lucci or `Lucifer´ is the personification of `Evil´.

And wouldn’t that fit perfectly with another small detail I have noticed?: Luffy never even once called Lucci by his name. Not even during their fight in Enies Lobby and not before that. Never! He was up until now always the `pigeon guy´.

Luffy always called every single one of his main antagonists during their final fights by their real name (Kaido, Doflamingo, Big Mom, Enel, Hody, Moria, etc.). Most times he screamed them out in a burst of emotional impulsiveness.

Except Lucci’s.

This detail makes me wonder why Luffy never did it in the first place. Lucci was an enemy and the significance of the fight in Enies Lobby must theoretically have triggered Luffy to scream his name – Like in every other arc and with every other boss so far – it is usually the pinnacle of the story. Why didn’t he?

Unless, the significance of their fight between them back then dims in comparison to an even bigger event that is yet to come in the near future and involves both. And in that event Luffy is going to scream Lucci’s name. And this will be happen on Egghead. And maybe Lucci is not even Lucci’s real name and Luffy will yell “Lucifer” instead – who knows … .

And as a possible theory which would explain that I have come up with something and even hints to back my theory up: Oda was bringing up Ace in Wano. He was confronting Luffy with his failure to safe his brother during his execution back then. Looking closer, you can see how Luffy turns sad, when he is reflecting what had happened, as Yamato tells her story with Ace, because he was not strong enough to safe him. He is still blaming himself for everything turning out so badly and we still have this loose strand of storyline waiting to be closed, yet.

By the way: Yamato was a red herring. She was there to bring the focus back to the last empty seat on the Sunny. We as the readers are now focussing on it.

Now Oda is finally bringing Ace back up and setting the stage for Luffy’s big chance to safe `his brother´ and finally succeeding. Because Egghead will be just a huge Marineford 2.0.

And look at the situation on Egghead again: It all as of now comes together perfectly. We have two brothers/brother-like figures – Shaka and Lucci, with the latter already bound with seastone through Stussy. An admiral is heading towards Egghead (Indicating a similarity to Akainu, who killed Ace in the end). Lucci is not obeying commands and acting strangely since coming to Egghead – unlike we knew him back in Water 7 and Enies Lobby.

By the way, also on Wano we have this little piece of conversation between Who’s Who and Jinbe:

“I have seen you when you were a warlord.” (Who’s Who)

“What?” (Jinbe)

“Sometimes people completely change their position. So, maybe I used to be on your side.” (Who’s Who)

This is not in the manga, but in the anime. Still, if I were Oda, I would put things and references I haven’t thought of while drawing the manga in the anime, since it comes out later.

And don’t those lines sound strange to you? Coming from a former CP9 agent – who has eaten a cat-cat-fruit and is now working for Kaido? I wonder why the producers under Oda made him say that. And so shortly before we see the actual other cat-cat-fruit user of CP0 now joining the main story line: It is – in my opinion – just a big hint.

His character:

Lucci was never portrayed as brutal and dark, nor is he a sadist. His sole priorities can be summarized in one word: Duty. In his mind, fulfilling his duty comes first before anything else. He always puts his orders/missions as a priority, towards which he works with precise accuracy. There is no place for empathy or warmth, nor for friendship (Pauli) and weakness (500 soldiers). It doesn’t make him brutal, but only cold.

The only times he diverted from missions was, when he wanted to have some fun (turning into a Leopard-human-form in Iceberg’s office; letting Chimney follow them) and was sure those slight hedonistic tendencies were not jeopardizing his missions. Because, in his thinking at that time, they did not contradict with his given orders (getting the pluton blueprints; protecting Spandam).

I think, it is a way to give himself the room for his own enjoyment, solely because he wants to have some fun fighting someone. It is also the same reason why he often times tries to incite his opponents to fight him (Sanji on the Puffing Tom; Pauli in Iceberg’s office). Lucci loves fighting! However, up until Egghead, he never had made a move to endanger their missions in any way through his own personal drives.

What is noteworthy however is that he is very curious regarding interpersonal relationships and emphatetical motivations. Even if he had his difficulties understanding emphatical drives, he is curious and tries to grasps the concept of it, when he comes across it in real life. That is, why he asked Franky why he was helping the Straw hats back on the sea train, but had his problems with grasping what the cyborg meant. It is also the reason why he wanted to know why Luffy was helping Pauli.

Then we have his motivation: During the Enies Lobby arc, Spandam asks CP9 what drives them, to which Lucci replies something along the line of “Blood perhaps, and as long as we are in CP9, we are even allowed to kill.”. The statement comes off as something Lucci is not quite sure about himself. Why else would he add the “perhaps” at the end? I wonder what takes him to the conclusion to say “blood”. Considering he loves fighting, it would be understandable for him to say that, but none the less it lets room for interpretation.

All in all his actions were always driven by his responsibility to fullfil his duty, rather than his own personal interests. Again, he is not that different from Kuma and even very similar to him.

Hints to Lucci’s actual goal – as some of you say that a crew member needs to have a goal: And yes – Lucci may even have a goal and Oda may have already hinted at it. We see it constantly, when Lucci is not fighting. Because, then it is comfortably perched on his shoulder. Oda even hinted at it in an SBS some time ago, when he did drew the CP9 members as children. Can you remember? You can see Lucci’s goal right there written on his T-shirt and indicated by him holding the olive tree branche.

Then we have the problem with Lucci’s position on the Sunny. But this is easily solved. As this arc already has hinted at it. We have more often situations on Egghead that required of the parties involved to think their next actions through before acting – they need to strategize. This is Lucci’s forte and this position is one that is maybe even needed on the Sunny in the very near future: Look at Elbaf and who is living on the island:


I bet Kid is already getting his ass strategically kicked because you cannot planlessly charge into a kingdom that is having a sly god of chaos as prince/king. And if Oda is going to follow Viking lore, than that is exactly what is going to happen with our impetuous friend. (This is just a theory – do not lay too much weight into it.)

If he will not get the position as strategist then he will become that of the quartermaster. Because Lucci is a broker and has networked his way into the underground’s black market. That means he can handle money and probably has much of it. It could solve the SHP problem with constantly being broke.

By the way: Oda has mentioned that the fight between that person and that person in his letter from December will have a backstory. And it could very well be a flashback of Lucci of what happened 20+ years ago with him and Shaka. It could solve the question why Vegapunk is now working for the WG and why Shaka is with Vegapunk now. It could probably also explain why Kuma has accepted to being modified to become a weapon. I hope all this will be one big chunk of flashback.

These are the bigger hints I have found. But I could go into detail and show you the smaller ones if you want. Takes time though.