Who will be the Next Strawhat?

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I am just asking what your favorite character is, so that I can write a fanfic about them in case he does not join - why is that overconfident?
I see, my bad. I thought you were preparing a fanfic to gloat once Lucci joins.

I suppose I don't have a favorite per se. Sengoku is cool.


Seems that Yamato is getting her own cover story now. Will be interesting to see what becomes of her crewmate desire as her feelings progress while in Wano.

Jinbe had a coverstory that had zero to do with his becoming a SH, and more to do with him finding that poneglyph.

IF she's bound to join the SHs, and it's an Oars-sized IF, I doubt the coverstory will impact her decision.
Okay, that’s it.

At this point, you are definitely trolling.

I refuse to believe otherwise :gonope:
Why should I be trolling. CHapter 1111 just gave us:
- that Oda is starting to lay more focus on Lucci
- a Lucci not as cold as many readers see him (caring for Kaku)
- a Lucci, who is still in the game, because he still has energy left to move after succesfully separating from Zoro

This is all going well.
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Oh, and Oda hinted at Lucci's wishes not being fulfilled by the WG, which in itself makes the fissure between them more obvious now.
I just read that the SHPs are the only characters, who got a pre-time skip vivre card and a post-time skip vivre card.

Oh, I forgot - beside them the only character, who got two cards as well was Lucci. :ihaha: