Who will be the next Strawhat

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The only strong point of Carrot joining SH is that it's bad writing...and oda has been making shitty decisions for a long time now.
Real talk right here...

Can someone explain to me why Raizo would be a good candidate. I’m curious
It's written in the scrolls... He's a ninja, a powerful guy, unique looking...

If Raizo had a badass, naruto-style design, he'd easily be one of the fanbase's top candidates. He even got a fight of his own and saved everyone from the fire. Much bigger importance than Yamato and Carrot

No. It's actually very good and well prepared.

That meme does not relate to me as I am not one who thinks Carrot will join.

How could you forget I want a ninja with Raizo being the best option? Nin Nin!
Yeah, I know but I'll be using that copium version until the next chapter arrives regardless of the topic...

didnt even know the forum had up to 500 people
some accounts on here I never see on any other sections in the forum lol.
There's even a few accounts here made specifically to post here...
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