Who will be the next Strawhat

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It really is clear Yamato is joining people just look for nonsense.

doesn’t matter if Shanks was there or not Momonosuke proved he can step up and protect his people all it was to boost his confidence that he fought back against the strongest force

Yamato has always made it clear and never wavered in there desire to leave and follow Luffy and dream.

One Piece is a series about Freedom and Dreams
Nakama thread feels kinda tame right now, time to spice it up:

Robin: “I’m surprised you sniffed me out.”
Law: “Dont act like I’m some kind of Hyena.”

A hyena tracking down a straw hat???

Bellamy Foreshadowing!!

Momo basically confirmed that he want to see Yamato sailing away from Wano with the SH, just hope i next chapter end with the SH leaving as basically there's no more plots to be solved in Wano.

Seems like the volume will end in 1057, so most likely that will also be the end of Wano arc and of the mistery of who is the new SH

AL sama

Red Haired
It’s still doesn’t make much sense at all.

nothing is stopping Yamato intent was clear
nothing will stop her if she doesn't stop on her own accord
Yeah, I reject the notion that Momo’s inspired Yamato to stay with his words…why would THIS be the thing that suddenly changes her mind after everything they went through together during the raid??
didn't you find her reactions a bit odd jew??
The major difference here is the establishment of the dream. Yamato is yet to declare her dream just that she wants to be Kozuki Oden
Dummy it’s to be free, to explore the world and see the wonders that Oden did, to travel the world and see sights beyond one’s imagination that’s been stuck on and island to see and learn what Oden and co saw.

we saw with amazement Yamatos eyes were when Luffys dream was spoke.

Its clear what Yamatos dream is
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