Who will be the next Strawhat

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I mean, if the options are:
  • Join the crew and be utterly useless (other than forcing Chopper out of the Weak Trio), since they’re gonna be facing Yonko and admiral level opponents from here on out and she couldn’t even wash non-YC Perospero while she was in Sulong form
  • Don’t join the crew but also don’t do anything else of note
  • Don’t join the crew, lead her entire nation and support Luffy in the same capacity when the final war begins
I’d have a pretty easy time choosing which one sounds the best, don’t know about you or any other motherfucker around here…
For one I’m not a motherfucker and don’t call me names without any reason. Capisce?

Second I believe in giving people things they have earned and deserved. Carrot did not earn the right to become a leader. She is young, naive and weak. She became the leader just because she once went out on the sea with Luffy.

thirdly the minks will support Luffy no matter who the leader is, as the strawhats saved Zou from jack and wano from kaido.
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Guys.... I have to come clean...

"Submersive affirmation" is all good and fun, everyone had a laugh when he couldn't even admit that he didn't search if the term already existed beforehand. And it makes for good memes like the Simpsons one.

But for my money...

Nothing can even compete with "Shining Nakama Action".

It's most likely the cringiest term ever coined online.

Truly a milestone, nothing will top it.

What is shining Nakama action? Some kind of sailor moon combination attack? :gokulaugh:
I have a friend that is watching One Piece for the first time
We recently reached Water 7/Eines Lobby so I thought it would be interesting to see how he would theorize about who would join between Franky and Paulie. So basically I started giving cases for both and being vague about who actually joins. Results have been pretty interesting.

Right now he definitely prefers Franky way more as a character and hopes he joins over Paulie. But with Paulie, he said there were certain things that go in his favor as well. A couple examples was that heart to heart between Luffy and Paulie in the Gally-La Building, another was he said that Paulie might join the crew if he sneaks on Rocketman. Paulie saving the Straw Hats from Aqua Laguna gave him points as well.

With Franky, my friend says that he is the better character with a really good back story and that the new crew member depends on "Paulie's Flashback"

Basically right now he thinks Paulie will join over Franky but wants Franky to join over Paulie.

Right now we're very, very close to the actual beginning of Eines Lobby as we're at the end of the Sea Train raid. It'll be interesting to see how this develops.
Interesting. I'm actually watching One Piece with my fiancee for the first time, and we're at the exact same part. The last episode we watched was the one where Franky beat Nero. And she said the second Franky was fully revealed that he was going to join the crew. She thought it was Paulie at first, but now she says he's too weak, he doesn't have a back story, Franky is better at the same role since he was taught by Tom, and Paulie is completely overshadowed by Franky in fights and relevence to the plot. Additionally, she thinks Paulie isn't a zany enough character to join the crew and that Franky fits right in with them. A lot of the arguments she made are exactly the same as the Cartot/Yamato ones.

Though I should note that she's biased against Paulie because of his values and she's been hoping he wouldn't join from the beginning. She also thought Kaku would join at one point.

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Though I should note that she's biased against Paulie because of his values and she's been hoping he wouldn't join from the beginning. She also thought Kaku would join at one point.
Funnily enough my friend was exactly the same. Wanted Kaku to join, was sad when he was revealed to be bad. And HATES Paulies gag since he already wasn't a fan of Sanji's

He even said if Paulie joins he would instantly be his least favorite.

And for why he's still not sure, let's just say I've been giving a good case for Paulie.

Such as how he has an excuse to leave Water 7 because of his gambling debt.
Has anyone given an actual reason for why they think Carrot isn’t gonna accept the offer and just totally betray her entire nation, or is it just anti-Yamato fatigue finally reaching its natural conclusion?? :pepeke:
Because it's not an offer. They didn't ask. They told her, "You're going to be ruler," and they won't hear a word against it. Whether she goes through with it or not, she has to be free to choose. Just like Yamato has to be free to decide what he wants to do for himself. Whatever happens to both of them, their free will should be respected.
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Y’all just remember:
Kaido forcing Yamato into being shogun = “She’s gonna stay and protect Wano!!”
Carrot being asked by Neko and Inu to lead Zou = “She’s gonna leave with Luffy!!”
MAKE IT MAKE SENSE :smart::smart::smart:
I do feel there's a bit of nuance to examine here.

In Yamato's case, I don't think anyone wanted him to follow Kaido's command to stay in Wano as his shogun lackey. Once Kaido was gone, Yamato would be free to do whatever he wants. That includes leaving as well as staying, this time by choice.

There is that interesting bit in the previous chapter where Momo refuses to let Yamato help fight and basically tells him to just leave, that he's free now. Yes, Yamato is now free. And he's just as free to leave with Luffy as he is to see past Momo's bravado, into his realization that people are leaving him behind, and chose to stay.

Now Carrot is being, I'm not going to say forced, but pressured into being a ruler. If she is going to take the job, we would want it to be because she actually wants it, that it really would be Pedro's will that she do it. But she knows he died for something bigger, that what he wanted couldn't just be found on Zou. His words to keep moving forward rang out to her twice this battle, the second time right before Perospero told her to run back home. And now she's being told that's exactly what she should do because Pedro would have wanted it. It simply doesn't add up to me.

I feel there's a subtle but very real difference between choosing to stay because someone hopes you won't go and staying because someone expects you to stay. Momo and Yamato had been building a bond for the entire time they were together. We always knew if Yamato decided to stay, it would be because of Momo, not Kaido, and that it would be by choice, not because he's Momo's servant or a duty as some guardian of Wano bound by a fruit. If Carrot stays, it shouldn't be because anyone tells her it's her duty. There has to be someone that compells her to choose to return to Zou, and the closest that would be is Pedro, whose will she inherited. However, I will never believe that his will meant for her to go back.
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So my overall thoughts

-still the bigger deal, as she has been since she entered the story, that’s why her scene is the cliffhanger ending
-her deciding to stay would make Momo’s decision to sacrifice his childhood, grow and get his big moment against Ryokugyu rather wasted. Plus would be wildly anti-OP. Would be like Sanji refusing to leave despite Zeff trying to get rid of him for years
-ultimately still best to bet on her coming along

-we don’t see her answer, and it’s fair to say most readers have been pretty blindsided with this leadership nonsense (even the ones who don’t care about this topic)
-on the one hand, this is entirely fitting with how Oda’s written her on Wano and if he’s just getting rid of her, being honest, not a surprise
-I’ve looked at the past three arcs as a whole and I cannot say Carrot deserves to be a Strawhat, especially giving her complete lack of a role in the main climatic arc
-however. If she does decide to stowaway, she’s then going with the Strawhats into the Grand Finale of One Piece. In such circumstances, you almost have to say that surely the only point in that is because Oda wants to make her a Strawhat. Maybe not after Wano, but at some point in the future

So yeah, my bets, based on Wano, is still Yamato joins and Carrot becomes leader. It’s just that Queen Carrot is so… stupid. It makes me think surely something else will happen.

But hey, in the list of dogshit poor decisions Oda’s made this arc it probably wouldn’t make the top ten, so meh.
Haven't seen anyone talking about this, but this page gives me some doubts on whether Yamato will join

Yamato says that she's just come to a decision but she's been saying this whole arc that she'll join Luffy's crew, which implies that she recently had some doubts about joining the crew. Not saying that she's 100% not joining but I could easily see them setting up a bait-and-switch

100% this. I said as much in the main chapter post. Yamato's dialogue here is cryptic for no reason. Yamato has taken every chance given to shout in unambiguous terms that they are joining the Strawhats. Yet now Yamato is playing coy. Maybe it's a translation issue but this is strange dialogue for Yamato.
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And now that I have made the second biggest mistake after finding this forum I'm gonna go find a hole to hide in.
i hate to admit but this chapter gives feeling carrot might run away. at least i can see oda made the chapter with the intention we question what is really going to happen with carrot and yamato.
if carrot end sticking oda will have to do a big reformulation in her character because right now she is like a prototype yamato and does not have any character trait to set her apart.

Join the crew and be utterly useless (other than forcing Chopper out of the Weak Trio), since they’re gonna be facing Yonko and admiral level opponents from here on out and she couldn’t even wash non-YC Perospero while she was in Sulong form
i do not think carrot has anything to add to the crew in terms of fighting or of personality but i disagree she is weaker than chopper. she has shown to be a stronger fighter than chopper or usopp. so if you believe chopper and usopp are going to catch up with the future fights that should not be an argument against carrot.
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