Who will be the next Strawhat

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lt's more likely for Pekoms than Pedro..
Well Pekoms does have the edge on likely being alive over Pedro. Face stab vs Explosion. Well timed and placed Haki may have saved them. But Pedro has importance to Luffy. The adventure would have stopped if not for Pedro's sacrifice. Oda created Pedro (partly) so Luffy and others could escape WCI. Pedro's sacrifice also elevated Carrot to becoming the next Zou Ruler which I did not expect. This impact should not be taken lightly from the writer's nor audience's perspective.

Plus the fact we have not seen Sulong forms of neither Pedro, Pekoms, Bepo, nor Faust indicates that there is a possibility of it being displayed in a future arc. Why create a moon transformation never to be seen again until EoS big war on a convenient full moon night? My bet is the Vegapunk arc in Emerald City (Wizard of Oz theme). Germa 66 (MADS) would be reintroduced to the rest of the Strawhats with Ceasar Clown (hopefully with Pedro and/or Pekoms the lion). Faust (and Hawkins the scarecrow if he's still alive) could make a return to explain why he was not in Wano. Law has interest in the D clan and surely Vegapunk can enlighten them all of the meaning and history. So Law, Bepo, and the rest of the crew seems likely in the mix. Kid the tinman and his crew are rivals to Luffy and need to experience what's necessary on the road to the One Piece. Emerald City may rival Wano in chapters and importance.
:kayneshrug: Maybe. I need another strawhat chapter to be really sure that there are no curve ball. Unless Oda has something huge prepared for Carrot at the end of the story and war, that "you are the leader now" don't make sence to me.
Wano should have taught you that it does not need to make sense if that's what Oda wants to do and he clearly wanted to put Carrot on the shelf by not participating in the Onigashima raid at all and accepting the leader position of Zou..

Carrot is being put in power just like Momonosuke even though they are both inadequate for the task..

And her taking that position confirms that she never really cared about Pedro..:cheers:
I claimed to start hoping and I hope Carrot is aboard the sunny. She is odd because it seems Oda has plans for her. I have no idea what it could be. He just keeps making her do stuff that insinuate to keep her around. The StrawHats saved Zou & Wano. The leader of Zou are Wano kotaku/gaijin for Oden. Momo would easily fight a war to help Luffy. Why is she here?
Things related to Carrot that got her more involved...
- She stowed away
- saw and fought Perospero
- Pedro's death
- Becoming queen for stowing away
- Show not to be good with a sword and given something else
- Real moment with Sanji
- Chopper wanting her to call him big bro

I predicted she would rise to queenship but I wasn't sure how.... I made a prediction she marry Momo and got clowned. How else do peasants rise to rulership, it was reasonable... Good thing that didn't happen but I'm left wondering what's next? There is a mythos about the Jade Emperor.

I originally thought the Jade Emperor was all Momo but his characteristics are shared between Momo and Luffy. The Jade Emperor battled a demon in heaven and won with the power of his mind. Luffy battled Kaido and became an emperor too. The jade emperor had a wife.... This wife is heavily influencing both Nami/Carrot at the moment. Nami's hinted CoC and Carrot queenship nomination. Carrot might be Luffy's wife....

This seriously might be the case for Carrot's role. After the Yamato circus, conflicting with the much larger Nami fans seems like even if Carrot got to stay, it won't be easy for her fans. I deny it, but the mythology/interactions are pointing at. Nearly every single interaction between Carrot with Luffy is brainless affection. I was expecting this affection to shared equally with Chopper/Sanji/Nami but it portrayed with Luffy more since the start. No dialog, no meaning behind it, nothing. It just the way Carrot is.... Please let Carrot join without putting us against Nami fans.... oh please don't.

I assume Luffy is nonchalant but its been very subtle about how he has responded. A lot of fans hate the garchu, but luffy's response went from annoyed->uncaring->welcoming. Hell I thought him calling out Carrot's name first when he caught the fish for the starving crew was also weird. I assumed it was concern for a naive people. It is what it is. It hard to read Carrot too.

There is this thing floating around... sigh.

On an unrelated note.... where is Bon Clay? That more of a Nakama than Vivi will ever be.
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