Who will be the next Strawhat

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I genuinely like Carrot as a character, never understood how her haters think she's boring and uninteresting. She's cute and naive one moment and willing to tear someone's throat out the next. And what's sucks about all of this is that Oda trashed her so much that she will just be the butt of jokes from hear on out. We won't be able to have sincere discussions involving her without attracting the trolls.
Now that luffy's dream has finally been revealed to the crew, anyone who will join the crew must have the chance to know that as well.

The only people that knows luffys dreams are the strawhats and yamato (through ace). So you know where is this heading now...
Our copium is still there. Well, my hope for her like 99% dead, but there's still that 1%...that should probably die too.

B-but he's "reformed" :funky: I still wonder who he is in kahoots with, I'd actually like it to be Crocodile

Can she breathe there in the mud? fleetwat
I don't think... If there was mud all over I don't think that the mermaid in fishmain islands would have survived
Simple question... Why the fuck should Carrots stay hidden for daysnin the Sunny.

Caribou has a reason... Carrot not.
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You mean Caribou vs everyone
Caribou isnt even hiding imo, the barrel is chained, the crew probably only allowed him a ride that way since they hate him
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Cariboubros we won
Nah, still has the rapist face, not joining
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OH SHIT, C4N GAVE UP :chopoff::chopoff::chopoff::chopoff::chopoff::chopoff::chopoff::chopoff:
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