Who will be the next Strawhat

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There’s a possibility that someone might join, but since Luffy stated “10 men/people will do” it’d be highly possible that Yamato is the last.

So unless after Yamato’s official recruitment is released, and the chapter title is revealed (like Zoro’s title as “The 1st Person”, Usopp & Franky as “The 3rd and 7th”), and if Yamato’s chapter released is titled “The last person”, it’s settled that Yamato is indeed the last

Unless if the title is “The 10th person” which could open the possibility of more crew member


Akira Mado
Ok so I was first alerted to this thread via my friend @Jew D. Boy's activity. He's normally the chillest dude around, but I thought it was hilarious how heated the Yamato vs Carrot debate gets.

Remember the Key & Peele skit where Obama coldly shakes hands with white constituents while warmly embracing his black brothers? Hope no one gets offended, it's just a 10 minute dumb meme and all in good fun :milaugh:
I'm surprised we didn't get another art analysis on Carrot being the protagonist in this shot and Neko serving as the composition red herring.

Unless I missed it in the backlog :zorothink:
I'll give it a shot
With Pedro being dead Neko has lost his right hand man
And since Carrot was taught by Pedro and failed in avenging him, showing her that the world is worse than she thinks and being saved by Neko

He will take her as his new right hand man and this panel shows that by literally having her at... HIS RIGHT HAND SIDE!!!!