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Neat thing about the NFL is that it's one game. Doesn't matter if you've outperformed the opponent for 17 weeks, if you don't on that one day your season is over. So never really been one for NFL predictions.
I love the any given Sunday aspect of football. It makes the game so much more exciting.


Yeah. Randomness factor is all but eliminated in a 7 game series. The better team will almost always win. The NFL's physicality only allows one game so weird random BS can happen lol
To be fair, only having one playoff or championship game wouldn't make sense for basketball or baseballs. Just one game would not nearly be enough to determine the better team.

Hopefully my team will have a name before the next draft.
Lol, Football Team?


Life Is Good ✌️
Ngl, the Football Team name has grown on me. I actually kinda like it.
I've gotten used to it, even have a jersey.
Oh yeah, I forget that franchise exists unless I'm watching the buttfumble with Benny Hill music on a loop for lulz
Yeah should out to Jets fans lmao

You seen them Dan Snider leaks? :crazwhat:
Snyder is the ring leader of all the fuckery the organization has had, but they're not going to touch a billionaire. All his flunkies got fired.
At least y'all had the 3 SB winning seasons later 80s/early 90s

Our best accomplishment is that Andre Johnson and JJ Watt played for us for a little bit...that's it :catcry:
Watson took you guys to the creeper championship


Life Is Good ✌️
Yeah, we don't mention his name in my house. First time in my life we have a stud QB and he turns out to be a sexual predator :shame:

Can't fucking have nice things man catded:catcry:
Lol oh my mistake, I didn't know he's on "he that shall not be named" status. 100% a stud QB and the price for him is ridiculous if other teams trade.