Break Week No, Zoro is NOT "Done" After Defeating King

Will Zoro fight again during the Wano arc?

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Man, if ZKK doesn't happens, all the brilliant ZKK threads from @Cinera would go to waste. And I don't really want that, so I voted yes because I don't think Zoro is done for the arc. He's probably gonna go kill Orochi or Kaido or both (depends on how much time he have left until the medicine wear out).
I remember wen Cinera made a thread abt Yamato being stronger than King and pretty much no one believed them (including me), now its pretty hard to find someone who thinks King>Yamato

All things considered i think Cinera has a pretty good read on how things r gonna play out
personally i don't think zkk will happen for few reasons:
1. oda rarely will kill any one
2. kaido him self want to die and so far no villain achieved his dream
3. yamato although kaido is a bad father he is still her father and i think she has a very high chance to join shs
and etc

but in manga and other sources there are several hint that he will be killed
i don't care about killing kiado part but i think we at least need to see kaido acknowledge zoro as a great samurai will it happen? i honestly don't know

personally i hope that we see all shs (all of them are in relatively good shape) vs Kaido or kaido and BM
i also hope that we get a good back story for zoro and his relation with shimotsuki family oda already did some tease for it hope that he make it obvious i also hope that we get a flashback for ryuma
He isn't done because there will be around 15 chapters more or less until the defeat of Kaidou.
Obviously won't have the SH be sidelined till the end..

But regardless of that ,concerning the other subjects of the thread..

1.It isn't and won't be the first time Oda opens a possibility for something and leaves it unfinished or fumbles it.
That is where Zoro and Ryuma for Wano falls if if in the end Oda shows nothing.

2. There is no necessity, for Oda to have Zoro surpass Oden this arc. He can conclude "plotlines" like this in other arcs,like he did with Sanji and the Binsmokes.

Enma will leave Wano with Zoro and whenever he manages to use it like Oden and makes it a black blade ,he surpasses him. This doesn't need to happen in Wano and it is better if it doesn't happen actually.
Always getting the power up the same arc it is introduced leaves a bad taste afterwards. That's why Zoro cutting steal/iron was better executed. It took arcs for it to happen..
he is more invested in lufy is a better way to put it
and he would not put any other character in a light that come in contention with luffy's .
kid fought big mom for a simple reason
cause kaido is luffy's fight
zoro fought king for the same reason despite zero buildup till he got hit out of the roof.
So, you don't see Zoro making Enma a black blade this arc, too, then?
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Did Zoro pass out or not? I still don't see panel of Zoro passing out or something
Even if he does not pass out, he needs to chill out for a while since, per his statement in 1035, Enma nearly depleted his haki.