Break Week Nobody will ever give Usopp credit for this bit of great story.

when Luffy was going to baratie Usopp said that he shpuld be captain. luffy said no. then Usopp said if Luffy cant ever preform as captain he'll step in and Luffy agreed.

in Enis Lobby Usopp turned and to his dismay Luffy was lying motionless om the ground in
front of Lucchi. usopp removed his sogeking mask and challenged Lucchi to Luffy's objection. what came next was a top five one puece speexh and the catalyst to what luffy need to win enis lobby.

Zoro stood and watched helplessly to the amazement that is captain usopp. Its clear to me atleast that the xharacter known as blackbeard was priginally Usopp and instead of betraying whitebeard he was suppouse to be Luffys firstmate and leave the crew in water 7 making him a more interesting final villian. losing to aokiji and meery being unfixsble would probably be the cstalyst to the end of their friendship/rivalry. though im sure Oda was tslked put of it by one of his raciet suppouters/editors