Race: Human
Faction: Cipher Pol
Age: 22
Height: 5ft8inch (178 cm)
Weight: 58kg (127.8 Pounds)
Alias: White Reaper

Nox has a delicate and boyish appearance with deep blue eyes and bangs. He has a light scar on his left cheek just below his eye. He wears formal and sophisticated attire, befitting his Cipher Pol Job: a black suit with a white shirt underneath. He also wears a pair of round eyeglasses when reading.


Nox is gentle and is very optimistic most of the time. He is a self-contained and good-natured individual. He's very loving, loyal, faithful, and hold a good work virtue. Throughout his mission, he's very cooperative and prefers to work in a group rather than alone. Contrary to many of his superior and world government agents Nox is shown to be merciful towards his opponents, as he thinks that a Government Agent should not annihilate pirates/criminals unnecessarily. Although, Nox's lenient nature often led his subordinates to incessantly disobey him, rendering him ineffective in controlling their actions. Nox also has quite an overactive imagination, which is responsible for frequent hallucinations.


Nox has no reminiscence of the starting 20 years of his life. His loss of memory was triggered by a combination of brain damage and heavy stress caused to him. During the time he lost his memories he was in a bad mental state due to the cause that happened before his amnesia. Contemporarily, Monkey D. Grap would visit him where he came with the name and new identity for the Nox. Garp asks Nox to choose something he likes. He remembers a beautiful and delightful sight. The night sky, which makes his name Nox. In Latin, the name "Nox" means "Dark"

Once his condition had improved, Garp took him under his wing and trained him to be a marine officer. Nox highly respected and admired Garp to the point he feels it would be impossible for him to ever surpass him. Down the line, he decided to join the Cipher Pol, and ever since enlisting, he had been a workaholic to make sure everything has been correctly done.

Despite his memory loss, Nox has hazy images of his past which makes him curious about his life before the amnesia but also afraid of them, thinking he has to give up his current life if he ever recovers his memories.


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