General & Others Oda dropped the ball with Fisher Tiger

Garp was also protecting him doesnt make him a Celestial Dragon lmao. Are Admirals Celestial dragons as well because they protect the Celestial Dragons?

And no bro your humor just sucks lmao.
Maybe it sucks or maybe you don t get second degree or maybe it's not your style...fifty fifty.
In terms of power, Tiger was around someone like Sasaki.
For the actual story, he was a neat flashback character, but he hasn't had the lasting relevance one would have hoped for. I'm hoping that a focus on the Revolutionaries will reveal how people like Dragon view Tiger's legacy, because that is a very interesting in-universe subject
He probably need to find a way to get rid of FT
I agree it also diminish Revos feat if you he could do it

Oda should have sent a strong vice admirals AT least