Current Events Oda likes hyping up people before beating the crap out of them. Green bull is going to get it.

- Commanders are nowhere near admirals
- Admirals are an A, Commanders a B

B is the nearest letter to A in the alphabet bro
Do you know how the grading system works? Each +/- is a level

A+ High Admiral/Yonko level
A Mid Admiral
A Low Admiral

B+ In-betweener
B YC1 Marco/King
B- Queen

That's 3 levels higher than King, and 4 levels higher than Queen. And that's for Greenbull.

Akainu would be 4 levels higher than King, and 5 levels higher than Queen.

The Luffy dickeating is crazy
Yeah, it's called being Eiichiro Oda. Go read another manga if you don't like it.

So just another attempt at the "Mingo is admiral level" agenda? Hoping that Aramaki doesn't show much feats and gets beaten because if he doesn't, it would require even more extreme boosting of DR Luffy and Law to wank Mingo? Lol
Yeah I know your pussy hurts cause Doffy is vastly superior to your shit Commanders, but this thread has nothing to do with him other than Luffy fought an Admiral at the end of DR, just like he will here.
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I mean this was obvious af to anyone who's read One Piece. Luffy definitely didn't run away as expected, but Shanks made him run instead.
I disagree strongly. I believe that Oda introducing Green Bull the way that he did was a way of telling the reader that, despite who Luffy has just defeated, One Piece still has stakes. I am not saying that Luffy will lose… I have no idea what is going to happen. But a lot of people are underestimating Green Bull and the Admirals.