Okay... what?

Normally I don't disagree with mods because rules are rules but ... what?

This comment got deleted why? "You people will be the dogs, foaming at the mouth with rabies then when he does get it, won't you?"

Calling someone rabid, or comparing to dogs rabid since the topic was about being a dog, is like one of the oldest jokes or figure of speeches on the internet and real life, and if anyone takes offense to something like that, I have to question .... why?

Can I get an explanation because I'm baffled that would even need explaining or deleted.
Idk i feel indifferent to it personally
But i reckon you were a bit too descriptive

And if someone take that personally it can be quite offensive.
Well i wouldn't make a big fuss about it too.. If you think it's nothing much in terms of insult then i doubt that's considerate on your end too you know. I think since it was actively reported is evidence to that and Mod do take note of reports as that's the fastest way they can deal with such "rabid" insults