One Piece 1117:Mo-

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What’s your point? Zoro didn’t overpower Nasjuro, they clashed equally and both got sent flying.

You’re saying Nasjuro exclusively overpowered Zoro 😭
If you are sent flying backwards, by definition, you didn't overpower something.
Zoro was send flying by Jinbei and attacked Juro. Pushing power comes from Zoro, ok? Juro was in mid air and blocked the attack, but it was Zoro and Juro who was send flying. In that case it is clear that Juro overpowered Zoro.
Wdm? Zoro is flying(thanks to Jinbei) forward Nosjuro and attacking him, Nosjuro is just blocking the hit, and after that both Zoro and Juro was send flying from the clash. It wasn't the similar situation for Juro and Zoro. Basically this clash confirms that Juro overpowered Zoro. Case if Juro was overpowered it would be only the Gorosei who was send flying, like Kizaru vs Marco:

Blocking is inherently defensive. Breaking a block is harder then breaking a attack. Thanks for gassing up Zoro even more. :suresure:
It's going to be Nika and Robot plus giant captains vs 4 gorosei and zoro vs Gandhi.
This aec will end with elders going down.....
The robot went down because Nika went down(though don't know why eyes we're popped out)... Once Nika is back robot will back :endthis: