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I think drake's post wano ptsd demeanor implies he ll abandon the marines and smoker will probably take his place as the captain. Seems his interaction with cp0 amplified his disgust towards the goverment. Am i also the only one who thinks that the "don grieg guy" doesnt really look like don grieg at all? He looks much younger. If its really him, oda should have drawn him better.
Didn't think of that, would explain why he was lost in thoughts needing time alone.

Smoker for new leader incoming ? @SakazOuki
Yeah Sword is down bad, Coby is a kid with no experience, X Drake has some experience, but is lacking in strength necessary for a leader, both physical and mental. Either Fujitora adopts their cause or Smoker takes the mantle.
It’s more likely Smoker since he’s heading there

CoC: Color of Clowns

Urouge is Pregnant with Big Mom's Child???
Woll saving the little left of VA’s dignity
Doll is the Marine Stussy of this arc.

A useful, cool, powerful woman in the One Piece world. We can only hope for more of this.
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I find it incredibly amusing that the only Egghead VAs that don't suck are the women :gokulaugh:

Probably the only time Oda doesn't make a woman look like shit compared to men.
Doll actually being strong as hell is so satisfying to me. Love to see it.
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YO!! @Kizaruber Eats , thanks for the tag!!!

Just when I settle in when reading the manga weekly (a friend spoiled me an hour ago SO I HAD TO READ THESE SPOILERS), we not only get Smoker BACK, but also DRAKE?? This is incredible. This chapter’s already 10/10 for me for that alone, and Drake looks coolER without his mask. He also looks good. I do wonder with Kujaku saying that it’s time for them to step up—will Sword be heading out once Drake and Koby are ship shape? It’s very interesting….

Another question is, is Smoker going to the Hospital to see a bunch of “Marines but not”?? Why, I wonder? And what’s in the box?

EDIT: I got a bit overhyped I think. Seems like Tashigi is at the hospital and not Smoker? She’s probably gonna see Koby I guess!

Lots good stuff going on in the chapter, but once again, Oda reveals things but still leaves us with questions. We didn’t see Tashigi though which is a shame, but I guess you can’t have everything you want. I’m really excited to see some more focus on the Marines!! But also, I’d like to see where Luffy and Co go once they’re off Egghead Island.
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Why is the story being told in such a disjointed manner? Is there a reason for this? In the previous chap, Sanji's group and Nosjuro were fighting each other , but without any explanation, Nosjuro suddenly appeared near Nami's group. Isn't this very absurd?