News ONE PIECE 7TH Characters Popularity Poll Announcement !!

Its clear from the timeline video that Zoro was going to win. :cheers:

Only after realising that other fan bases started voting for Luffy. :milaugh:

Your MC can't even win on his own just like in the manga :holdthisl:

:milaugh: Love this! It did look like us Zoro fans took our foot off the gas, but other fandoms had to start pushing Luffy, Nami, and Carrot up after mid results came in.
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With a single vote no spam system Nami 100% doesn't go higher than 5th place.

No way she legit got in the last 2 weeks almost as many votes as Zoro got in the whole first month.

Luffy and Zoro got 30k votes in those 2 weeks while she got 80k. Yeah right :suresure:

Im thinking if we only had one vote to cast on this poll, Luffy and Zoro would be really close. Plus the timeline to cast a vote should last only a week.
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No stop being salty lol
The Nami voting is bullcrap if you look at that timeline. She has 20k votes for 6 whole weeks and in the last two weeks she get's more votes than Luffy and Zoro combined and 4x as much as she did in 3x more time previously :suresure:

She got as much votes in the last two weeks as all of her votes in the previous 6 weeks + Luffy's and Zoro's votes in those last two weeks combined :pepeke:
As for Blackbeard... meh. He's not really done anything interesting on screen post Jaya beyond deliver Ace to WG. His myth is his appeal, when in reality, he'll end up another W in Luffy's win column. Don't kid yourself.
- Killed Whitebeard, his former captain and got his DFs
- Hyped to scar Shanks, which is Luffy's childhood hero, before eating Yami Yami
- Destroyed Marco and the remnants of Whitebeard Pirates (keyword: destroyed aka 1 sided fight, in contrast to Akainu's win over Aokiji which was extreme diff fight) and then took over Whitebeard's territories one by one
- He moved and World Most Wanted Man, who was also hyped since Loguetown, immediately retreated his ass.

And more big feats is awaiting for him later

Blackbeard is Top 20 material
Trafodder, Lolden, Yamao, Carrot, Rosinante should gtfo