News ONE PIECE 7TH Characters Popularity Poll Announcement !!


The Road To Harmony
So far, the characters have been grouped based on a theme.

Wano characters
WCI characters

(Both are even lined up with Kaido and Linlin respectively)

Dressrosa Allies (Law, Barto, Corazon)

Warlords (At least partly)

This could help us determine how Oda places the others. I imagine all the Marines get boxed together, Straw Hats are a given, and Shanks and Teach occupy similar spots as Linlin and Kaido, looming at the corners of the mural.
1024 Cover :

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1024 Cover High Quality .

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3rd and final cover for ONE PIECE 7TH Popularity Poll :

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High Quality ( 3rd Cover of the poll ) :

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HQ for the 100 Characters ( Full ) :

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