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Loved this chapter and im pretty sure Luffy is not out yet, this will trigger his awakened power since Boundman even with a supreme KKG Version couldn't knock out Kaido.

Kaido having future sight and a drunk version where he speedblitz and copy Snakeman is just insane,even in terms of speed this monster is insane.

The Boro breath was also looking great, clearly make a hole into Onigashima, respect for Luffy to tanked it.

And then Luffy Adv COC KKG version was top,sadly for him that he face Kaido, the strongest one who can easily endure it. Kaido is just insane that he easily endure his own Boro breath+Adv KKG and still be able to speedblitz Luffy and almost knock him out.

It was clear that Luffy was losing the fight, with or without the CP0 member. The CP0 event will trigger Luffy awakened power.

Overall the fight was insane this chapter,it was like reading a dragonball chapter, sp insane was the battle between Kaido and Luffy,top!!

Can't wait for the next chapter.
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