One Piece Chapter 1,073: "Miss Buckingham Stussy"

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According to sweat diff, Zoro is stronger than Luffy's future opponent. As I have been saying the whole time, nothing new.

We dont have to wait for anything, sister bodied himself in this chapter twice already for thinking Zoro was pushed back and thinking that GB scored a W. :risiup:
I just read the chapter and mihawk sweating is not there someone drew it on the raw ? Are you the culprit ?
The clean one is fan made and they removed the sweat.

Raws are original and we see the sweat there
oh ok .
SO they removed it from the clean image that we got in the translate chapter ? Then this mean the actual chapter will have the sweet drops ?
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Blackbeard isn't the strongest being in history of One Piece, Zori is. :goyea:
Stop the cap


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Blackbeard isn't the strongest being in history of One Piece, Zori is. :goyea:
Zoro is second

BB takes the cake :goyea:

oh ok .
SO they removed it from the clean image that we got in the translate chapter ? Then this mean the actual chapter will have the sweet drops ?
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Stop the cap
Yes it should be there


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It's a fact, son.
I promised I would make a thread regarding why Zoro is the strongest in the world...

Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and intuition. The 6 senses of a man...
Each of those can be good, bad or neutral. Furthermore, each of those can be pure and impure.
In a lifetime, there are 36 earthly desires.

In the Buddhist concept of the endless circle of life, death and rebirth, we also find the six realms or 6 paths.
Those six realms that constitute samsara(cycle of life, death, rebirth) are human, animal, hungry ghost, hell, god and anti-god.
We might be familiar with these thanks to Zoro's attacks representing all of these realms aside from one, the realm of god.
Most of us knew about the attacks representing animal realm, hard to miss so many animal manifestations in Zoro's attacks.
We also saw the representative of the hungry ghost realm, with a variation of Oni Giri in Enies Lobby - Enbima Yonezu, a ghost.
The representative of human realm is a secret move of the 3-sword style, Sanzen Sekai or 3 Thousand Worlds.
The anti-god realm is also known as demi-god, titan or Asura realm. Most recognizable due to being Zoro's ultimate - Kyutoryu.

We still dont have a clear representative of god realm, probably because it is the last path that Zoro will master with Black Blades.
What we do have and what we didnt have before is a clear representative of the hell realm!
Ladies and gentlemen, Zoro has completed the path of hell and the clear representative is the latest power-up, King of Hell.

Away we go from 6 senses and 6 realms and we go towards the failed prophecy and its 6 survivors.
While Enel was playing god(or was he?), he made a prophecy that of all the warriors who entered combat, only 5 would remain.
If this wasn't just a narrative device, Enel was oddly accurate with his prophecy or as close as it gets while being wrong...
While he prophesized 5 survivors, there were actually 6 in total. Luffy is another participant in war who survived inside a giant snake.

6 senses, 6 realms and 6 survivors later, we go towards the 6 gods of One Piece.
In Skypiea, we are introduced to 4 of them. Sun, Rain, Earth and Forest gods.
While we are clueless about who the representatives of Earth, Rain and Forest gods are, we found out who the Sun God is.
A long time since Skypiea, it turned out that Luffy was the Sun God that was mentioned back then...
Others are probably just as much of a rain, earth and forest as Luffy was of a sun... It is almost impossible to guess who they are.
To connect Luffy and the Sun, we have to forget the abilities and focus on the personality instead.
He is bringing laughter and happiness like a sunny day brings positive energy and everything revolves around and is drawn to him.

While Skypiea revealed the existence of the 4 gods, one arc later, we were introduced to another - Demon god, Asura.

With the ongoing theme of six, Zoro's Asura has 6 hands...
With Zoro being a Demon god, we are at 5 gods in total but as we saw, the numbers tend to stretch a step further.
There is another god, the 6th one that is yet to be revealed, just like 6th survivor of Enel's prophecy was.
So far, nothing is known about who it might be and what it might represent.
For now, we have Sun, Demon, Earth, Rain and Forest and only 2 representatives are known.

That was a warm-up, now we get to the juicy part.

Through Vegapunk, we have found out that Devil Fruits are a result of someone's hopes, wishes and desires.
"Those with DF powers exist in different dimensions dreamed up by someone else before them."
At some point, wishes, hopes and desires take a physical form and a Devil Fruit is created!
While many wishes, hopes and desires took physical form and created countless Devil Fruits, only some of them reached godhood.
The desire for freedom ended up creating one of the gods of One Piece, the Sun God, the warrior of Liberation.

While Ganfor says that this is a world of humans and no god exists, Enel is quick in correcting him, telling him that god does exist.

Enel proceeds and says that Fear is a god. That could be the hidden 6th god of One Piece alongside Sun, Demon, Earth, Rain and Forest.
Vegapunk also confirms the existence of gods and that there is no point at even debating it.
Back to Zoro's Demon god and the word Kaku used to describe him being Kishin.
The word refers to wrathful deities also translated as fierce god or demon/oni god.
There is also Zoro's last Asura attack in pre-TS being Makyusen...
The attack named is Demon Nine Flash... Ma-Kyuu-Sen. Kyuu means nine as we know from Kyutoryu or Kyuubi.
Ma is a shortened version of Majuu which means Legendary or Unique Beast/Demon. You might know its another form from Majin Buu.
The same word Majuu is used in chapter 2 to describe Zoro.

What most people didnt notice is that Vegapunk told us that all things are brought into this world through hope, wishes and desire.
Not just Devil Fruits!
This is a confirmation that, through willpower(desire) alone, Zoro has brought Asura into this world!

Finally, we reach the point that explains why Luffy will never be stronger than Zoro and why Zoro is the #1 of One Piece world...
The answer has always been very simple and obvious but with every new info it gets further cemented and reinforced.
It is because of what each of them represents. I have touched upon this a little in Sake and Meat...
Big Mom was a failed version of Luffy's dream while Kaido was a failed version of Zoro's dream.

Luffy represents and is a manifestation of freedom.
Zoro represents and is a manifestation of power!!!

Luffy wants to be King in order to be free while Zoro wants to be King in order to be stronger.

Luffy's understanding of Pirate King is the ultimate freedom.
From the start, when he first spoke those words to Shanks, he desired freedom.
Meanwhile, Zoro has desired nothing but power ever since his promise to Kuina.

When the desire for freedom reaches its peak it manifests by creating a Sun god, the warrior of Liberation.
When the desire for power reaches its peak it manifests by creating a Demon god, the one who walks the path of carnage.
There ya go folks, clear as day, the pinnacle of different desires, freedom and power that have reached godhood.

When you desire freedom you become a Sun god. When you desire power you become a Demon god.
People in the One Piece fandom constantly want the manifestation of Freedom to be the manifestation of Power...
Sorry folks, the spot is already occupied by the one who sends shivers down the spine of even the Dragon King Kaido.
Now you know that the personification of Power is Zoro's Demon god Asura, the one that triples one's power.
Now you know why that ability is used so rarely - because the already insanely strong Zoro has barely ever a need for it.

It gets even better! Nobody in the world, in all of history has desired power enough for it to manifest and be reborn in form of a Devil Fruit!
Basically, nobody has desired Power more than Zoro himself! This is the world's first time that power has manifested itself and became god.

As much as the fandom wishes for Luffy to be the strongest in OP or at least stronger than Zoro, it will simply never happen.
A manifestation of freedom will never be stronger than a manifestation of power. That is the ultimate law of the One Piece world.
Hard G or soft G, Zoro is the top G(strongest god) in the One Piece world.

If you read this far, you understand why Zoro is by default stronger than Luffy and unlike Luffy, he is still not done powering up.
We saw the carnage left behind Zoro with Dragon Damnation but can we even imagine what it looks like when tripled?!
Onwards to Zoro's 6th path, the realm of gods! :myman:

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I doubt it was a fair fight.
Not trying to downplay Aramaki.. but he's not above fighting unfair. As seen with him stomping on a very injured King and Queen.
Yeah that would make sense. Maybe took hostages by Buckin and the villagers. Pragmatically speaking, that would be a smarter way of taking down Weevil or any threat too.
you do not need prime wb strengh to beat retired marco .

I tought like everyone else Kizaru woul dnever had hyped a yc level guy .
They are nothing to ana dmiral Rayleight being the exception .
AKainu and green bull showed us how admirals see yonko commanders.
I never saw a yc being hyped by an admiral .
They don.t have this kind of portrayal .
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5 stars chapter it have everything that we love in one piece .
You just skipped over everything I said. Anyway @Bold is all that needs to be said your ideal of portrayal is what an the enemy feels about their enemy is more valid then how they expressed their feelings towards their ally. Good argument /s

Ironic that Marco has fought way better on screen showings against the Admirals then anything that was implied offscreen to Weevil