One Piece Chapter 1,073: "Miss Buckingham Stussy"

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Alot of good questions could be razed but people are wasting time comparing Blackbewrd to Zoro. If Rayleigh who could hold down an admiral doesn't believe he could beat teach than Zoro who barely beat king isnt even close.

Any way. Does this mean the kings of the world were told about sepharim and the fact that they were clones of the shichibukai.

Also Luffy just low mid diffed the wg. He defeated cp0 and has control of the sephrim and vegapunk in like 2 hours. Wg never stood a chance. All the have left is imu.
- Ryokugyu redemption altough off-screen
- Weevil redemption altough in a moral sense (we supposed he was evil because Bakkin told him that WB crew were his enemies)
- Marine keeping being awful with people not affiliated with World Government. What does Akainu do against this? Nothing! Shame on him
- The narrator says that Vegapunk vanished! Maybe that Kuma power teleported him somewhere else?
- It seems Bakkin and Marco could now go towards Vegapunk,so Marco could meet with the Strawhats again. And also,if they will decide to save Weevil,it will be another person to save after Koby,Pudding,Vivi,probably Law,and maybe Sabo and Kuma? We'll see how all these situations will develop.

As Kizaru hyped his insane power, also every navy fear Weevil.
I'm pretty sure his bounty alone(he had the highest frozen bounty before of all Shichibukai) is around 2.2-2.8B...
Seems like Weevil easily handle every navy encounter until Greenbull showed up and defeat him.
Weevil is for sure at least low top tier, actually a pretty good feat for Greenbull, can´t wait to get more infos and story build up around Weevil.

Sanji clapped S-Shark.
S-Hawk clapped Zoro.

S-Shark bigger/older (stronger) then S-Hawk confirmed.

In other words, Sanji>Zoro right now. Sanjis bare leg>enma right now.
Zorotards stay in your place Luffy neg diff one shots Zoro with base conquerors burst get your boy past the cook first, LOL.
Sneak attack with diable jambul FLAME OFF Sshark did 0 DAMAGE LOL

Vs Zoro block attack SHawk. Shawk >> Sshark