One Piece Chapter 1,073: "Miss Buckingham Stussy"

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I hated Weevil and his mom on their first appearance! I still don't really like them but at least they are interesting.
Me too, I didn't even think that the author would bring them back to the plot again
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Of course it's fun for me to criticize Zoro, but it's just starting to get boring. Although certain fans of Zoro are just infuriating, I'll be honest:few:
If Weevil is a clone, not a naturally born child, that implies Ms. Buckin had genetic samples of Whitebeard.

So... maybe that's how she got into MADS?

"Hey, Vegapunk... I'll give you Rocks' toenail if you let me into your science group! Full of Lineage Tractor, or whatever it is!"

I kinda doubt that Vegapunk made Weevil back in MADS day. I think he may be the effect of trying to clone a dead individual
What if joyboy was the captain of a pirate crew and Im sama was the vice captain and the 5 elders was members that is the reason why they have scar on there body cause for 800 years they fight against diff crew do get the one piece.

CoC: Color of Clowns

No arms, nor legs. Four limbs, all blades.
Ooohhh, I love that theory!

Initially I thought Weevil & Miss Bakkin are just lame liars and are as close to WB as fake SH to real ones, but once Miss Bakkin connections to MADS and Rocks were revealed, it started to make sense.

Miss Bakkin still is most likely lying that she was WB's one true love, but Weevil's being WB's clone makes so much sense

edited the little brain fart, fake SH do know each other and actually are a crew albeit pathetic as hell
She's gonna try to bribe Vegapunk into claiming Weevil has Whitebeard's DNA, without mentioning Whitebeard didn't give the DNA willingly.
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