One Piece Chapter 1,078: " Escape Limit "

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well it is possible if the WG wants to hide its power to be honest it would make sense since they were talking about cleansing , Imu has his/her weapon power but what about the Gorosei?
Some other weapon probably.
Makes no sense to even build marines when they got 5 Admirals/Yonkou level characters already.
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it makes no sense for the gorosei to be weaker than the admirals
It does. Tbh , him being there to command Seraphim makes total sense. And Strawhats are wild card here. Marines are on their way for Vegapunk.
So luffy saw g4+lucci hybrid didn't work so he went g2? Some of the dumbest s*** I've seen in shounen. I guess king conq dosen't exist when the plot demands it.
I can already the 100 ships mostly being fodder like the beast pirates with a few competent ppl.
The dollar store among us is over finally. Let's see what offscreen event will shake the world. 2/5
S Snake not finishing Franky... this blatant plot armor xd.

Not surprised Sanji was unscatched. Actually none Seraphim did show attack power above a TobiRoppo for now.

Luffy went and attacked him in Base mode without AdCoC lmao. Poor Zoroturds and their headcanon of thinking that Zoro is equal to Luffy and Kaku to Lucci because they splitted in those pairs before :kobeha:.

Traitor plot would have been nice, if not for the fact that we have the character that send Kaido to hell with a punch. But interesting nonetheless. A superior brain but in the "bad" side. MADs would have conquered the world with her instead of the actual Vegapunk.

And the tension that was building up these chapters with all that impressive Navy army became smoke instantly. It seems that all those ships and soldiers and an Admiral were sent to destroy the island, which by itself has formidable defense, so SHs won't bear all the brunt.
Btw, Akainu has no idea what is happening right under his nose :risitameh:


World's Strongest Swordsman
Saturn is just there to control the Seraphims. No way the Gorosei fear Nika if they are top class fighters themselves and they wouldn't need CP-0, the entire Navy to protect them to the extent they are.

One of the gorosei is holding a weapon on the level of something only the wss wsm and pirate king have.

There's a 0 percent chance they are not top tiers
There are still some people coping about York being the traitor.:pepecopium:

There are a few people like this one user on AP who still thinks Atlas could be involved.

Some people really can't accept being wrong.:toximoji:
Haters gonna hate and copers gonna cope I guess?

I'm just glad this plot didn't drag too much and am looking forward to next chapter!
The only thing I'm a little sad about is that the official translation confirmed Admirals are stronger than Gorosei, which makes perfect sense, but I kinda wanted Gorosei to be tough old dudes like Rayleigh. Oh well, at least now we all know Luffy will face Kizaru, not Saturn.