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First of all, you acting like that fight was all serious, lol. Secondly, haven't things changed after Whiskey Peak? As I've explained a thousand times earlier, Luffy has been shown to be better than Zoro in about every aspect, from strength to speed and from Future sight to getting stronger opponents.

Sanji vs Zoro during the Davy Back Fight. Is this a serious fight? No, right? Then why is Luffy vs Zoro a serious one? lol.

Zoro vs Luffy in whiskey peak was a serious fight lmao how can u read that fight and say it s a gag one :milaugh:
I just went to sleep for an hour and saw 20 new pages added to the discussion

expectation: summary or pics arrived :lumazed:
reality: just heated powerlevel discussion :josad:
nah we just into crusade for making kidd be respected like you were doing in that popularity poll contest lol how come trashbeard had that many votes probably zolo fans smh
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Not this time, I have all the evidence that Zoro is more popular than Luffy outside of Japan.
can you make of kid too? he is good character you know better than zoto


Lazy is the way
Problem with this comparison is its superficia
You asked for parallelisms I gave you some ^^

Shs crew dynamic is totally different from Kidd's crew.
We didn't really see Kid with his crew first
And Kid seems to be quite close to his nakamas too. Just look at his face when he saw Killer with Smile just see what Killer was ready to do (Orochi bitch) to protect his captain.

Kid has that fire in himself.

It was said somewhere that Kid rules his crew with charisma (evil one).

Like Luffy he was not afraid to open his mouth out loud and yell his dream.

Killer isn't hyped like zoro who got hyped as "why he isn't the captain"
Don't really understand that argument.

So Kid is not as hyped as Zoro because it was not said : why he isn't a captain ?
Kid was already a captain, it would have been stupid to say that for Kid because he was the captain of his crew, so I don't really see how that hype Zoro Against Kid.
nd, zoro and luffy are hyped more than kidd in wano - and, parallel regarding them is more concrete than superficial parallel which exist between kidd and luffy just like it was between luffy and law
Luffy and Kid have a lot more parallels than Luffy and Law.
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