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He already Admitted it, the fandom is just in denial about it because they believe Oda is some god who is too good to do Kishi's mistakes
I don't understand people. This is Luffy's story, his rise to the top, We already know he's strong as YC1 back when Wano first started, then Udon happened and more time past.... Are people morons or what?
@playa4321 we were saying this on another thread
Something is off about kaidos past

No one who has fought the strongest strongest guys can be this susceptible to ryou or even let people just attack him.
We'll learn about his rise to the top in his flashback imo.

Dude has a serious boner for letting people hit him because he can regen and kinda wants to die anyways.

But i think this happened after he became the strongest.

Given that we know what his fruit is, this could have been a metaphor of him being super weak early and struggling to the top. Once he reached it, he became bored. Because while attaining strength, he still didnt accomplish anything of note like Roger or WB or Oden did.

Hence his desire to die gloriously, and letting people hit him.

That's what i think anyways.
Do people still believe base kaido/linlin can easily beat fs luffy/katakuri?

I swore people said Kata would easily be choked or lose coz Marco got choked
Or coz luffy got oneshotted (when his fs was off)

Of course kaido can oneshot luffy/kata but he won't be landing hits easily, he will be getting dodged left and right

This chapter put back the balance
Don't put Katakuri on Luffy's current level, he's not. We saw Luffy train at the prison and afterwards. Luffy surpassed him after WCI and is much stronger now.
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