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Always knew Kidd n Law were gonna be on top with Luffy. But didn't expected Killer, i guess he gotta thanks Zoro for thiz.

The character development Killer went through also hinted he was going to be important in final battle.

While for Drake n Hawkins fans, here your ¢andy:sadgrin:
Drake on the live floor going to fight Queen if he actually want to protect Chopper at any cost
Hawkins is still missing, but... he is a swordman, King is a swordman... :cheers:
You said "Just show how big of a gap Luffy leaped through his training a G3 AP > G4 AP pre training, just INSANE. "
and this is not true since Kaido used Armament where Luffy G4 was punching while in this scene from chapter 1000 he didn't use.
So that statement it's not true for now.
Kaido didn't use armament to protect him from G4, Luffy specifically said it was his scales that stopped his attacks from hurting Kaido.
Now he has the mean but he always had the strength. Well I guess he has a bit more strenght because of the sea stone training


World's Strongest Swordsman
Maybe he's shocked that these people he views as so much weaker than the people he fought have Ryou, plus i assume since he doesnt get hit often, if one uses Ryou its kinda surprising.
Everyone and their dog has it though.
Primebeard had ungodly ryou
All the admirals have it
Shanks mihawk etc
But that doesnt make sense either he doesnt dodge attacks.
He went into shock when oden hit him for the first time then when the scabbards did and is on his arse now too.
Luffy + Law alone are already a ridiculous combo that should beat a Yonko. Luffy can efficiently dodge and deal heavy damage, while Law can just teleport those within the room. Imagine Kaido attacking Luffy and Law makes Luffy switch place with Big Mom. Kaido clubs down Big Mom and Luffy smacks Kaido's face. Then just let Law cut Kaido's head off and teleport it to to the bottom of the island. Or throw it into the sea.

I'm kinda wondering what Law's role will be otherwise. Because his power is an all or nothing. He can't go easy on them. Each of his attacks is a finisher.
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