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Thus it was brought into discussion turning it into a Black Blade.

Enma is the only blade that specifically interacts with Haki, and a Black Blade has to do with Haki.

If you don't advocate that all of his blades must turn black at the same time, you have to acknowledge that Enma is the one blade he has that was discussed in that context, and interacted with Zoro's Haki in a unique way.
What you are advocating for is that AFTER Zoro masters Enma, thereโ€™s still a tangible difference between Zoro using it versuses Zoro using other swords right?

youโ€™re saying because Enma BEFORE Zoro trains has a unique effect on his haki, Enma AFTER Zoro trains will continue to have this effect.

So I have two questions

What is the actual goal of Zoro training with Enma?

Does this mean Oden also had abilities he could only pull off with Enma?
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