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New update from korean Leaks
and confirmed by Redon, Thank you!!
제목 "오니가시마 괴물 결전"

다음 주는 보시다들시피 휴재..

쏘스 주는 쪽이 무슨 일이 있었던 모양이라서 늦었는데
이왕 늦은 거 이번주는 글 스포 패스하겠음.

그냥 부분적으로 적자면 조로가 킨에몬의 불 베는 기술 쓰고
루피 키드 로 셋이서 공동으로 개그하는 내용 있고 그럼.
빅맘의 프로메테우스 불덩이 공격 날리는데 가장 먼저 손 대서 막는 게 지는 거라면서 배짱 승부하는 거 개그 느낌으로.
전체적으로 전투가 대부분.
Chapter 1,001: "Onigashima's Decisive Monster Battle".

- Zoro uses Kinemon's fire cutting attack "Kitsunebiryuu : Homurasaki".
- Big Mom has a fireball attack.
- Luffy and Kid making a joke about Big Mom's fireball attack
- Luffy and the other supernovas doing something (no details mentioned)
- Most of the chapter are battles.
- No chapter/break next week.

- One Piece Chapter 1002 will be out on January 29th.

Just to clarify, the last two breaks before this have been magazine breaks.
We haven't had an actual "Oda Break" in quite a while.
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Weekly Shonen Jump #7 Table of Contents

Dr. Stone (Cover & LCP)
One Piece
Jujutsu Kaisen
Black Clover (CP)
My Hero Academia
Sakamoto Days
Me and Roboco
Mission: Yozakura Family
Kemono Jihen
Ayakashi Triangle
Build King
Cop & Dolphin
Undead Unluck
Magu-chan (CP)
HighSchool Family
Phantom Seer
Moriking (END)
Our Blood Oath

Preview Issue #8:
Cover & LCP: The Young Master of Escape by Yusei Matsui (NEW SERIES)
CP: Yoza, Mashle, Oneshot

Issue #9
Cover & LCP: Eye Terushi by Kazusa Inaoka

Issue #10
Cover & LCP: witch witch by Kenta Shinohara

Issue #11
Cover & LCP: Cron's Ball Parade by Yuuki Kamada, Fukui Ashibi
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Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,001: "The Monster Battle of Onigashima".

In the cover, Jinbe is sleeping on a jellyfish.

Kaidou is shocked to see Luffy's attack can give him damage.

Zoro: "So that's the Haki he has been learning from that old Wanokuni guy?"

Kid: "What the hell is that Haki? How can a punching attack work against Kaidou!?"

Kaidou thinks to himself.

Kaidou: "This brat just completely lost to me a while ago in Kuri.
What in the world happened since then!?
There are only a few people in the world who can fight against me.
Who the hell does he think he is?"

As Kaidou looks at Luffy, he sees the shadows of Roger, Whitebeard, Oden, Shanks and Rocks behind him (we can't see Rocks in detail).

Kaidou attacks Luffy with “Raimei Hakke” again. Luffy reads the future and dodges the attack but Kaidou is so fast that Luffy is partially hit again. Some blood comes out from his head while Kaidou compliments Luffy for being able to dodge the attack this time.

Big Mom attacks Luffy with “Heavenly Fire” before he can get up, but Zoro cut Prometheus in half with Kinemon's "Kitsunebiryuu: Homurasaki" (he says he stole it).

Kaidou attacks Luffy again but Law use “Shambles” to pull Luffy to him. Law is angry saying that he intended to save Kinemon to begin with, but Luffy has to go and say it first so now it looks like he's following Luffy's orders.

Kid mocks Law for becoming Luffy's subordinate and says he doesn't care if "lower-level people" wants to team up.

Big Mom attacks Luffy, Law and Kid with a new technique called “Heavenly Bonbon” (天上のボンボン (ヘブンリーボンボン)) where Prometheus spits out 3 small fireballs.

Luffy: "So the first guy who touches that fire is a "lower level" guy".

Law and Kid say they won't play Luffy's game. But when the fireballs come close, all of them refuse to touch them (they all make funny "Huh?!!" faces) and so all of them got hit by fireballs.

Zoro puts on his bandana and says to Killer.

Zoro: "Don't get in my way, Kamazou."

Zoro remebers him from his laugh. Killer replies him while he prepares his blades called "Punisher".

Killer: "If I'd had these blades back then, you'd have been dead."

Zoro: "The result would still be the same."

Zoro and Killer attack Kaidou together. Zoro uses “Rengoku Oni Giri” and Killer uses “Zanshu Claw” (Beheading Claw). Kaidou seems to take a bit of damage but still smiles and compliments them.

Zoro: "I still need to release more of Enma's power."

The 3 captains are back on their feet and attack Kaidou together. Kaidou tells Big Mom to wait since he wants to see their power in full. Luffy uses “Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun”, Law uses “Takt” to drop tons of rocks on Kaidou and Kid uses a new attack called “Punk Rotten: Punk Vise”, a badass robot with skull face that crushes Kaidou with both hands.

Meanwhile, Big Mom is laughing from above and turns Napoleon into a flaming sword. Kaidou emerges from the rocks in dragon form. In an amazing double spread, Kaidou in dragon form and Big Mom with her flaming sword face the 5 Supernova.

Kaidou: "it would be such a waste to kill you all. But that can't be help.
After your death, I will take all your crew, your treasures and all Poneglyph you have!
Whoever wins this battle, will be only a few steps from becoming the Pirate King!!"

END. Break next week.
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Translations courtesy of @Aknolagon:
Kaido : this shitty kid is referring to the Pirate King in this moment ?
Kaido : An attack is working on me ?

Zoro : So this is the haki he learnt from the wano old guy ...
Kidd : What is this haki ? Something like a blow works on Kaido too ?
Killer : FAFAFA! looks like there is a chance to win!
Law : He didn't say a single word about it !
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