Who Will Woronoa Woro One Shot Next?

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Not really. Shanks is not obligated to tell them anything. Gorosei specifically said "what is a man of your status doing here? (...) but since it's you, we will listen". So the Gorosei stfu and sit while Shanks offers them to talk. Same Shanks who breaks through the marine's defense to meet with Whitebeard, what put the Gorosei in a state of shock.

No difference between punch meant for Coby and for Whitebeard. Magma is Magma and Akainu was bloodlusted. Let's not forget how quietly Akainu was standing there with his magma fist charged, while Shanks walked next to him to pick up the straw hat.
If that were true, there would be no need dor named attacks, thats nonsense.
We’ve seen how these two have acted when their durability is breached:

One just laughs it off and is elated:

Or when not as amused, he doesn’t even react:

While the other gets shell shocked and even screams, something Zaraki has never done:

I think the visuals make it pretty clear that there’s a world of a difference between these two. One is a fraud who will replay a scar he got decades ago just from getting slightly nicked while the other is a true maniachal combatant who just doesn’t care for pain at all. Kaido looks too human here in comparison which is saying a lot :vistalaugh:

Again I’ll overlook this mistake from Fuji san since he’s such a big fan of Kaido, gotta rep your man by comparing him to a dawg. Is all good lol.
Kaido was laughing after get gang stabbed by the sccabards. When he declared war turning into a dragon he was laughing too. Did you also read the spoilers. He literally stood their
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