Who Will Woronoa Woro One Shot Next?

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Thats it? Red Roc:gokulaugh: what a shitty a

Don't blame him he was saying Luffy can dodge Kaido's thunder Bagua but in this chapter Kaido still managed to hit him :suresure: his favorite character was shitting his pants when he heard Kaido's name not to mention that Kaido thinks Jack is not weak unlike the pink bird :gokulaugh:
The salty part is that Doffy is the only one to lose to pre fs/adcoa Boundman 1 v 1... stood no chance
His best feat is lasting 10-20 min against it lol

But but "Doffy was nerfed thats why he couldn't stalemate or beat g4"

WB couldn't use his advanced haki, CoC, had shottu physical stats due to old age but still matched Akainu then 2 shotted

Everyone on par and above Doffy treated boubdman like an average mode
Cracker was having fun as he pressured and stalanates it "but but it was just coz he used his df to hide behind "
Katakuri treated it like a disappointment and luffy ran away like a chicken
Linlin laughed and didn't even hype it (just like kata didnt)
Kaido oneshotted it.

:moonwalk: he is even saltier than G4 + Kidd + Law + Killer + Zoro cant even weaken Kaido yet in this chapter
When g2 and Law did that to Doffy lol

Top tier g4 with ryuo still needs help to fight and weaken kaido.
Damn, the fact that Haki was used seems to have broken you, since you've been arguing for weeks that it wasn't used....
It's a joke mate, relax. And I frankly don't give a shit whether he used it? I'm just disappointed that we have 0 visual cues for new Haki.

We're essentially back to MF days of "did he use it", "didn't he use it crap". New haki wasn't supposed to touch.

The one good thing Oda did post-TS is visualize Haki. Now he went back to shitting on it.
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