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How did Zoro outshine Luffy? Luffy dragged his nuts across an Emperor and spooked them before Zoro did
Go to all the communities, see wich character is been talked about the most right now....Zoro stole all the spotlight just for being Zoro.

We have the stupid haters to thank for that, the more they hate on Zoro the more attention he gets...Its already to the point where people are basicaly ignoring Luffy's achievements to discuss Zoro.
People immediately want to find out WTF Zoro managed to do on the chapter as soon as spoilers hit, be it to try to downplay him or otherwise....This might realy become Zoro piece if the haters keep it up.
Luffy wants to puch Big Mom? :choppawhat:

Lets wait if he can bypass her haki when she is serious or not. Or she will welcome him with her Mighty Nation (Ikoku), Napoleon is just right there in her arm. Big Mom is not just a long rage mage, her strongest aspect still is her physical capability. People should not forget that. She is basically a tank + mage, versatile.
Before this chapter, Big Mom was a tank and did massive physical destruction in all her fights. In this chapter, there is a team mate so she switches to long range mage +support.
Remember that Big Mom doesn't have the same attitude as Kaido who just loves to show the face for the enemy to punch and tank it.
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How’d you feel about Oda paralleling Zoro’s Hiryu Kaen and Ryuma’s attack on the dragon in Monsters? Or just the fact that BM felt the need to tell Kaido to dodge?

Good chapter aside from this part

The first time Zoro attacked with Enma he said:
"I need to unleash enma more"

Now he attacks a second time and BM says:
"That's not your average sword"

Like wtf are we supposed to think? It really feels like Enma is supposed to be a special sword that allows Zoro to do things that he couldn't, even though we were told that all it does it does is draws the user's own haki.

Fuck Oda and his Oden wank. I hope Kaido eats Enma. Zoro should grow by fighting strong swordsmen every arc.
I took it as something similar to Zoro being able to recognize something off with the two Kitetsu blades he’s come across. Hitetsu even said that Enma was similar to cursed blades, maybe they have the same vibe?
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