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I took it as something similar to Zoro being able to recognize something off with the two Kitetsu blades he’s come across. Hitetsu even said that Enma was similar to cursed blades, maybe they have the same vibe?
I mean just having a cursed blade shouldn't scare a yonko; even Law has one. BM was legit shitting herself as if Zoro was actually holding Oden in his hand. That was just asful. I don't want all of Zoro's future opponents to be scared of him his Enma only because Oden-Sama touched it
Kaido's scar is on the right side of his belly.
Law hits Kaido barely above the scar while he's in big ass dragon form

No way he got the heart
A bigger reason why he probably didn't get it is because it could be closer to the head than where it would be in human form, Law clearly missed his chance of dissecting Momo in PH and getting a confirmed kill shot.
Anyone notice how Zoro's stance before the attack was similar to Ryuma's before he beheaded the dragon?
Yeah. I'm sure that was the point.

I have a feeling (ironically not well received by Zoro fans) that the battle on the rooftop will massively shift, causing Luffy to fight Kaido and maybe Big Mom alone or with just Kid/Law. I still think Zoro has a chance to eventually fight King for his 1v1 sword battle, learn to draw Enma's power, then cut Kaido's head off after Luffy wins the battle.

Its either this or Oda plans on having Luffy and Zoro defeat Kaido together to offset the idea that either can solo Kaido. Either idea works for me. Then Maybe Kid/Law/Killer fight or defeat Big Mom. She's a factor I'm not sure about yet.
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