How will the Supernovas fare against Hybrid Kaido?

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Teach him haki dosent mean he taught Zoro swordmanship. From how Zoro didnt realy know about black blades until Wano, its obvious that Mihawk didnt feed every bit of information to Zoro, just like Rayleigh didnt with Luffy.
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So you are doing it again, where does it say that Cutting a big thing IS EVEN AN OPTION IN MAKING YOU WSS

Oda doesnt say how Mihawk became WSS but he gives us 1000 chapters where there is literally only ONE WAY of becoming WSS but you think theres another option hidden somewhere... And then you present a quote that DOESNT EVEN SAY THAT CUTTING A BIG THING MAKES YOU WSS

Good lord. Good fuckin lord
Can you read fuckin liar? I already posted this before;

Zoro Novel: ''One marine claims that the strongest swordsman in the world is definitely Mihawk, the other marine claims it's Zoro. They witnessed their sword techniques in marineford and dressrosa. Mihawk cut down gigantic ice block. Zoro cut down gigantic Pica.''
''They start talking about other candidates: Vista, Shanks and Ryuuma. A marine says Vista was able to fight Mihawk equally for a short moment. Ryuma is strong, but he is already dead. According to another marine, Shanks is said to be the rival of Mihawk. He faced Akainu without fear. 2 of the marines have heard that Shanks is a very strong swordsman. But another marine says it's not that Shanks showed his great technique with his sword in Marineford.''
--- Translation by Sandman

They said this, mihawk is WSS because he cut gigantic iceberg, the other one say Zoro is WSS because he cut gigantic Pica.

This is where they said cutting a big thing is an option in being WSS.

Zoro novel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> delusional zoro wank of yours.

Take your L stfu.
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