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Queen and King are injured.
Queen badly.
King and Queen are officially below Cracker and Doffy
They got schooled even though Marco is at his limits

Marco > King /Queen

Only Hybrid forms can save these 2 clowns.
Hybrid Marco got the firepower G3 level... and skills to beat Any calamity 1v1, Doffy

Katakuri > Marco > King
Marco still cant bypass fs...he fought base king and queen . Did a sneak attack on queen at first before landing 2 clean hits.
AAAAND this is why I said MARCO is not getting a full on fight with either king or queen. There is no way for king to actually be established on any level if this continues. Marco is to fucking strong. Marco flexed hard, something will soon take him out of the fight for some reason, and sanji gets King, someone else, drake or yamato. get queen. marco is to much. king is wasted on him.
Not open for further replies.