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I saw Queen get up in like two seconds without any damage from Big Mom.

Marco made him vomit blood and he’s clearly scuffed up.
Queen got up after 10 minutes not seconds
BM started fighting luffy for while before Queen got up again

Stop writing pieces

Queen tanked Hybrid Marco 2 attacks and still up quickly

Queen got best by base nerfed BM

So much or Marco ~ Linlin in attack power or G4
I always believed Marco was a Strong High Tier but i think he is indeed Admiral Level
I think People should rework their Power Leveling, Characters who stand out among Groups are indeed Near-Admiral Level

Aside from Agreed Upon Top Tiers, Characters who imo can Fight 2 Commanders like King & Queen are:

Luffy - Zoro - Sabo - Marco - Magellan - Lucci - Katakuri & Stronger Half of Shichibukai

Luffy is Future Pirate King while Zoro is Future Greatest Swordsman & they are both performing well against Yonko
Marco just proved himself here

Sabo is No.2 of Revos Army & can fight Two Admirals with Help of Three Revo Officers who seem to be Ivankov Level
Magellan is considered Warden of Hell & everyone fear him, he can one-shot in seconds someone like Ivankov & even Shiryu who is Strongest Commander of BB Pirates doesn't dare fight him even though he is considered near equal to him

King & Queen seem to be like Cracker & Smoothie & Katakuri is portrayed as Superior, as simple as that, he clearly stands out
As for Lucci, i think people underrate him so much, but the guy is considered a Legendary Fighter among Cipher-Pol & even Pre-TS Lucci was considered superior than Vice Admirals & All Three Great Powers found his Loss Shocking, so imagine Post-TS one

As for Shichibukai, Weevil & Prime Kuma, Prime Moriah, Doflamingo ... etc are clearly a force to be reckoned with
Jinbe in Land is YC Level but Jinbe is a Fishman & we know that a Fishman underwater is much much stronger than Land Version

Also Marco's Performance Today showed me that Rayleigh, Oden & Beckman are indeed Yonko Level
There is blood dripping off of King’s mask.

Queen vomited blood when he got kicked.

KING AND QUEEN are just as damaged as Marco. He’s more tired because it’s a fucking 1v2
part of the reason why king and queen look wrecked that they haven't worked around marco's ability like imagine if king landed his first ever swords strike on marco's head instead of his wings... ... if he knew his wing would just regenerate he won't do that
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