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Base/zoan King pushed Marcp further to his limits than Admirals
Don't mention Queen! Queen didnt fight Marco again since only after Marco attacked him off-guard coz he was after Hyou.
Queen asp didn't hury Marco.

Yonko > admirals once again.


To find the All Blue!
People thinking Perospero will help Marco.
Why do you think that, exactly?
When Peros didn't hear about the alliance directly from Big MOm it was one thing, but after that, Marco became his enemy, and the beast pirates his allies.
Do people really think he is going to jeopardize the Yonko alliance in favor of the SH's now?
Please, enlighten me in your thinking proccess, because I don't see that happenning unless Oda completely loses his mind.:bamathink:
Perespero has no specific reason to do so.. if he does... then still.. King and queen ain't wanda and carrot... then that just means sanji will fight jack and to the roof from there on..
He hates King and Queen so of course he has a reason. And no one said Peros would solo them, it would be a 2v2.

And LMAOOOO if you still think Judge’s son is getting to the rooftop, a 1v1 against an injured Jack is the best he’ll get.
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