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Lmfao how you going to get one shot by an Old Hyogoro.:gokulaugh:
Good it was time to clear the battlefield of some 'fodder' so Oda could focus on the real fights.

I'm confused about Hyogoro.. is he really dying?
For me is a 99% no, but all the inner monologue seems pretty serious
Could see him dying and giving Luffy another boost like 'win this war for us - I couldn't'


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Is it Pedro's death? !!
Did you come for a picnic at Nawabari of the Big Mom Pirates? !!
If you don't want your friends to die, eat grass in the forest! !! !!
That suits you. .. .. Perorin
Well, I don't feel like joining hands with the "Beasts Pirates"
Both young people have to teach Mon the "case" of "Yonko"! !! !!

persopero won't team up with king and queen

marco is safe for now
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