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Hmm, Peospero sees how Marco gets exhausted.

Do you guys think he will try to use that situation and get Marco out of the game? Or does he surprisingly help Marco, cause they are kinda connected (and he switches Team anyway together with Katakuri? :D)
Why would he help Marco (without trying to backstab him a second after) and go against the beast pirates? Marco and the strawhats are his enemy and, by any means, weaker and at an extreme disadvantage. He is no fool.
I'm sure he is going to attack King at some point but the situation is goinf to be completely different.
It's just so damn sweet to have some people now backtracking to hyping Marco after having trashed him, Lmao.

Marco is a beast. He's handling two guys on his level, damaging them and keeping them occupied, it's not his fault that any of the Bum ass fighters can't come in time to aid him.

Also, why are people pretending like Marco is at death's door?
Guy is exhausted, has some bruises and bleeds a little, both Queen and King are damaged as well.

Anyways, the implications are clear that Marco can't beat these two on his own. I expect King and Queen to turn hybrid soon and dominate Marco. If Perospero sneaks him, then he's got no chance, but Sanji will most likely come to help him.

King is a tank. He looks more durable than Queen which shouldn't even make sense​
I can’t see oda making hawkins do nothing and that’s more likely then perospero helping Marco defeat two calamities
Perospero gonna help Marco by teaming up with him (giving a balance to both sides) because he wants to see the beast pirates and Luffy's alliance mutually destroy each other. This will allow Big Mom's pirates to come later, and finish both of them easily. This is more relevant than Hawkins just showing up out of nowhere and fighting Perospero LOL
Y’all really believe Oda is gonna make a exhausted beaten up Marco team with perospero against king and queen instead of sanji and drake vs king and queen. This is the hill you want to die on?

Perosprero hating the beast pirates doesn’t mean much
Fantastic chapter.

Im a king fan and marco is doing great.

And really looks like we can have a 1v1.

But the fact that king has a LOT to show up yet and will get focus from oda, hes not going fall here 100% and Will show Lot more.

Perosperos part was great as well, the pannels make me fell bad for Carrot.

Hyo was fantastic, is bizarre How almost nobody here is praising him.

Momo is Lucky to be where he is haha, and sanji dilema makes all sense. He dont know momo is with Yamato so for him both momo and scabbards are in the same lvl of danger.
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