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So the Minks lost due to weather and not due to Sulong Timelimit?
What the fuck? Oda is literally contradicting his own manga. How did Carrot all of a sudden master her Sulong to Go several minutes in it when previously she couldn't go a minute.
better translation for Peros speech

Avenging Pedro?!
Did you enter the territory of the Big Mom Pirates to have a picnic or something?!!
If you don't want your comrades to die, just eat grass in the forest!!!
That suits you... Perorin
Now then, I don't feel like joining hands with the "Beasts Pirates" but...
I'll have to teach these youngsters the true meaning of the "Four Emperors"!!!
Perospero is the Goat
Sulong form is a massive upgrade for the minks, just look at Neko and Inu and how they immediately destroyed Jack. Perospero fighting against two of those minks and handling them this easily means he is very powerful. I doubt they would even win.
Plus Knowing that suslong transformation is less 3 minutes there no way she finish that fight . She would be drain need to rest.
:cheers:Perospero fighting Queen on evene ground

Wil make Cracker > calamities even more true
Katakuri >Cracker ~ Marco

:milaugh: Marco and pero vs King and Queen
Means that Marco is indeed a rival to Pero
I know that this chapter took every bit of brain cells that you had left, so I'll be kind to you today, but read ndule, Perospero is clearly implying that he wants to make the people who fight AGAINST the Emperor's pay which Marco is a part off.

So if anything it's Marco v King/Queen and Perospero 1v3
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