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Lies he hasn't

He only fought Queen and King this chapter

He didnt fight Queen the past can't even prove it

He fought King the past 2 chapters and in this chapter before Queen tired attacking Hyou

Queen wasn't focused on Marco the past chapters
King was the only one
It’s been 7 chapters since 999. Do you think Queen magically teleported to the live floor? No, Marco probably kicked him there.
Sulong form is a massive upgrade for the minks, just look at Neko and Inu and how they immediately destroyed Jack. Perospero fighting against two of those minks and handling them this easily means he is very powerful. I doubt they would even win.
yea he isnt complete trash. his fruit is pretty hax. he is a monet/cecar threat. if you cant get around his fruit you are fucked, if you can he is fucked. if you have any fire attacks, he is fucked. this still means he won against non sulong carrot and wanda. which is to be expected. thats not very impressive. people are actually thinking he is near commander level. which is fucking baseless as hell.
I wanted to see the cuck vs Queen but....:kayneshrug:
Sanji vs Jack may really happen.
Now that Perospero showed up, we might see him teaming up with Marco against Queen and King.
He said that he doesn't feel like joining hands with the "Beasts Pirates" and that he hated King. And I believe that he wants to see both sides weaken/destroy each other so that the Big Mom pirates can come later and finish them off easily. I see what Oda is trying to do here.
Correct me if im wrong, but didn’t pero mention that he wanted to kill marco in the past, well even if pero doesn’t like teaming up with the beast Pirates that doesn’t mean he’s gonna help the alliance, he just bodied two people from the alliance why would he not try to do the same against someone he mentioned he wanted to kill?


That one hour thing is complete headcanon. Wasn’t MF like several hours?
He was out for hour being handcuffed
So he only fought for 1 or 2 hrs max before the war ended

Here on Onigashima, his limits is after how many hours?
Since zoro went to the roof... it has been 30-45 min max! Coz g4 runs out after 30-35min.

So Marco has reached his limits after fighting King alone for the most parts for 45 min max.
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