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Well Sanji will be worst match up for Perospero if Oda wants he can let Sanji handle him in one attack. and he then can fight Queen. Queen has for sure more raw power than Sanji but he is not as fast as Sanj and i thinks he sucks at observation haki since he thought Momo was flying he didn't feel Sanj's presence at all.
It was regrettable! !!
Full moon warriors! !!
You need the "luck" of the weather to win

Avenging Pedro?!
Did you enter the territory of the Big Mom Pirates to have a picnic or something?!!
If you don't want your comrades to die, just eat grass in the forest!!!
That suits you... Perorin
Now then, I don't feel like joining hands with the "Beasts Pirates" but...
I'll have to teach these youngsters the true meaning of the "Four Emperors"!!!
Wait? Is Perospero saying he was saved by the moon disappearing and deactivating Sulong? If so, there will be a round two here. :josad:
Correct me if im wrong, but didn’t pero mention that he wanted to kill marco in the past, well even if pero doesn’t like teaming up with the beast Pirates that doesn’t mean he’s gonna help the alliance, he just bodied two people from the alliance why would he not try to do the same against someone he mentioned he wanted to kill?
There seems to be some level of mutual respect between Marco and BM/Perospero that we haven’t seen between King or Queen and Perospero. Perospero also mentioned that he wanted to kill King.

Perospero could join in and the three of them gank Marco.

That doesn’t exactly make Marco look bad tho lol.


Lazy is the way
Lies he hasn't

He only fought Queen and King this chapter

He didnt fight Queen the past can't even prove it

He fought King the past 2 chapters and in this chapter before Queen tired attacking Hyou

Queen wasn't focused on Marco the past chapters
King was the only one
Marco says he's exhausted and a bit bloodied from fighting two 1 billion Berries bounty guys at once.
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