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It's true, Katakuri would just dodge every single attack.

Katakuri can deal a lot of damage and would definitely be able to fight against both King and Queen too, just like Marco is doing now.
Katakuri can do so much damage that ...... base Luffy takes virtually no damage? After 11 hours?

I can see Katakuri’s chikara and buzz cut mochi attacks replicating what Marco just showed. But those have wind up times.
Kizaru needed distraction and help to survive Marco
Kizaru left marineford without a scratch after facing marco + WB :goyea:
Marco hold off Akainu for minutes by himself with no trouble until Ace says his last words
So why didn't he manage to stop akainu when he was with the rest of his crew? Especially since akainu had just fought WB just before :seriously:
No Admiral ever overpowered Marco or hurt him close to what he got from Kong and Queen
King's base form Attacks >> Yasakani no magatama


King of the Witch Kingdom
1. People overhyped perosperos and he admitted they could have beat him but the moon got hidden

2. king and queen haven’t even entered hybrid het

3. sanji will go after momo

4. King wants momo dead

5. Drake is on the floor

6. hawkins is missing

Like i said

Sanji vs king

Drake vs queen

Hawkins vs perospero

Yamato vs jack

Hawkins will turn sides and beat perospero
Hey you dropped this.:salt:


If Katakuri was there instead of Marco, he'd do the same stuff that Marco did this chapter with King and Queen. He'd also not be hurt, because of his FS.
Capone and crew couldn't hurt katakuri with bullets
Ichiji explosion didn't hurt him
G4 attacks couldn't land or hurt him pe fs

What woll s King beams or Queen beams/bullets do to him?

Marco is hyped but also pathetic for being pushed to limits after low/mid tier unnamed moves from King
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