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One question, if King and Queen would be enough to take out Marco fast, would Oda need Perospero to end the fight faster?
Question to all haters who said Marco would go down easily the next chapter by just King or Queen alone, alone the fact that Oda need Perospero to give King and Queen the W show you enough how op Marco is. I hope the downplay of Marco stopping from now, Dude fighting two serious commanders for over 40mins and still doing it fine with dominating two of them in same time!!! Eat that haters!!!

I hope Oda hold this for the next chapter, I think Marco gonna shine next chapter before going down via Perospero Sneak attack oppening up King and Queen a cheap shot attack.

Lmao Perospero was fighting over 40mins(probably 30mins against sulong since base wanda and base carrot would easily get stomped in few seconds) and still looking clean asf. He fought Sulong both Carrot and Wanda and he beat them, people should accept their L.
Werospero is going to show why to mess up with a Yonkou crew can go woorse, my boy doing it very well!!!
Also it seems like he can use explosion bombs as candy.
He fought King for most part of the 40 mins
He fought King and Marco this chapter for 5 min or so.

Maroc did well...but that was his last resorts
It is like g4 pummelling kaido or kata but at the end doesn't win or even deal heavy damage...knows he is at his limits


Stop the cap

If King could handle Marco 1v1 he'd have asked Queen to go kill the scabbards instead of making an island wide request just to find someone who could go
He never asked quebe help too

Find me Queen fighting Marco the past 2 chapters or this chapter? There isn't cause Queen was busy after chopper, hypu
Marco stopped Queen and then that's when Queen and King vs Marco starts


While I'm happy that Perospero defeated them, I do still think that there will be a rematch fight between Perospero and Carrot. For story telling purposes it makes more sense for Carrot to defeat Perospero, and not some other character like Sanji or Chopper.
maybe later but for now really i think Sanji is gonna defeat him quickly using his flames he will not have a fighting chance. it is not like Perospero is weak but against the like of Sanji and Kinemon he is just in bad luck
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