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Never was confirmed, Queen would kill off everyone if Marco not step up, Marco always stop him.
So he take for so long both at once, you see yourself if Marco not step up Queen would kill Hyo and co. So it make sense that Marco take on both. Marco didn´t yet use his full hybrid version or even awakening, he also not use haki yet. Bro he was impressiv asf with dominating both King and Queen this chapter, two strongest commander of Kaido, Marco should take the respect.
He got his respect but also dehypr
The argument of Marco beating Katakuri or Luffy couse he has regen is over

Nobody can tell me again that Marco can tank g3 or katakuri gattling attacks without being at his limits
Even G2 attacks >King /Queen unnamed attacks

G4 luffy mid diff Marco.
I dont see how Marco tank and outlast Luffy without being KOed
Katakuri won't even be out... it took self stab to have Katakuri dura/endurance to his limits . Boundman and snakeman attacks did half or 40% the damage.

While it takes low/mid tier moves from king or Queen to tire Marco out
why the fuck would sanji fight a low diff opponent? just to one shot him and move on? I hate peros but he still deserves better. some people are on here claiming this is an actual matchup
To showcase his miserable skills for once. You guys always cry about fights give us fights, and then one shows up, you guys say no we don’t want it.

That’s what clowns are
Yeah Hyogoro is at the strongest he has been from the effects of the virus but he does not
use ryo for that one sword style attak that takes everyone out. This is because the flames are ryo.
Why do you think him and king have flames on their heads
Uhhhh. Those are flames Hyogoro’s hair just looks like that. Just check the colored panels or the anime.

Also, I’m pretty sure King’s fire is race related...
most Sanji fans eating L this week for downplaying WARCO..
what sanji fans are downplaying marco? the reason sanji is 100% getting king is because marco is to strong for the fucking matchup. and this chapter makes it obvious. we aint getting a king fight where he is on the ropes and is the underdog of the fight. most sanji fans are marco fans too :kayneshrug: both are blond speed based kickers. why would you not like both of them.
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