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Oda doesn’t give a fuck about Carrot. Sanji and Perospero is such a good fight and you guys are dismissing it as trash for what? The arrogance a majority of you Sanji fans is appalling. Acting like 1005 doesn’t exist. And his sorry bitch ass wasn’t crying like a pathetic husk of wheat for Robin to save him. Why is this loser even in the crew
can you even try to explain how its a good fight if sanji is bound to steamroll and counter his fruit completely? perospero has no pysical hype. he aint taking even 2 straight on attacks from sanji taht just melt through his candy armor. why the fuck are you talking about sanji crying tears of happiness like its something horrible? oh no sanji puts trust in his crewmembers. teamwork bad. so sexist. stop fucking crying my dude. wait and see where he ends up


We are already very close to the capital and the castle ...
And LARCO is already without cure, perospero entering the war, KING and QUEEN were not defeated and they are well ...
Really, when we see the roof, KAIDO will plummet the island, as the strongest of all time doing the 1x5 soil.
"I don't feel like we're going to lose.":suresure::suresure::suresure:
katakuri fans
doffy fans
always begging for attention after their chars have faded to irrelevance and their power levels were surpassed a long time ago .
Yeah keep crying like a bitch. Oda kept Doffy out of Wano for a reason, and Katakuri was the last step before Kaido. Luffy surpassed them, not Marco.

Marco has nowhere near that level of portrayal. Jozu's offence looked better than him in MF.
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